About Firefly

I am Firefly, a belly dancer living in Sunnyvale. I have a fiery passion for music and dance! My focus is on creative, unique expression and interpretation of music, while maintaining a strong foundation in technique.
I have studied with teachers of Middle Eastern dance around California and beyond. My primary focus is Tribal Fusion, which is an exotic blend of various ethnic dance styles from India, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Morocco, and other North African countries. The styles I incorporate with the original ethnic styles include ballet, flamenco, jazz, hip-hop, and classical Indian dance styles. However my unique blend of styles is categorized, I love to inspire others with my dance.
I perform at restaurants, festivals and themed faires, and am available for engagement to perform at parties or events. I am also available for private dance instruction.
View me on YouTube: Search for the keywords "Firefly" and "belly dance" to bring up videos of performances!

Here are some performances on YouTube: