Injustices occur all around the world. People turn to torture as a way to aid them in their quest for power and money. In order to obtain these two things, many end up dissenting diversity by harming those who are different than they are. While doing so, others are led to believe that this behavior is acceptable. Children constantly view violent acts in their communities and in the media. They also play violent games which mimic many of the crimes against humanity that occur in real-life situations. By observing this behavior, children become desensitized to the issues that are going on.

    Methods of torture that are used often include the use of fire. These methods include necklacing, bride burning, burning at the stake, and lynching. Just as victims are incinerated with these types of torture, this site is a tool to educate people and incinerate the possibilities of them carrying out any of these injustices, as well as others.

Learn how the brain is influenced by violence in the media and how children respond to these influences.

Realize the importance of diversity in communities and see what happens when this importance is not accepted.

Read examples of why people have such a strong desire for money and see how it tears families apart.

Leading By Example
Learn how crucial it is for parents to teach their children that it is not okay to encourage or take part in hateful acts against others.
Understand how the struggle for power impacts people's decisions and enables them to act unjustly.
The solution to the problem. Read proposals to improve the conditions for people everywhere.