Pathfinder : Retorika (Filipino 3)


Scope note :


· Ang retorika ay isang mahalagang kaalaman sa pagpapahayag na tumutukoy sa kaakit-akit and magandang pagsasalita at pagsulat. Pinag-aaralan ditto ang ukol sa mga tuntunin ng malinaw, mabisa at kaakit-akit na pagpapahayag. Ito ay sining ng pakikipag-usap at pagsulat. 


Use for :


· Composition (Rhetoric)

· Filipino  language- Rhetoric

· Persuasion (Rhetoric)

· Speaking


Broader term :


· Language and languages


Related term :


· Filipino language- Composition and exercises

· Literacy style


Narrower term :


· Criticism

· Debates and debating

· Lectures and lecturing

· Letter writing

· Preaching


· Punctuation




(Text located at the College of  Languages, Linguistics and Literature Section, 3rd floor)

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(Located at Theses Section, 2nd floor)


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(Print periodicals located at College of Arts and Social Science Section)


· Bitiyara

· Studies in Philippine Languages and Culture:  Tagabanawa text

· Studies in Philippine Languages and Culture:    Karao text

· Bukal


(Located at Multi-media room, 2nd floor)




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(Multimedia  Section, 2nd floor)


Retorika: kahulugan ng Retorika

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This website is an educational blog contains the meaning of retorika and its uses.


Retorika sa kolehiyo

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This page contains of the definition of retorika and related searches such rhetoric sa kolehiyo, retorikang Filipino, mabisang pagpapahayag, buhay ng kabataan noon at ngayon,  sining ng pakikipagtalastasan and sining ng komunikasyon.