This website is created and maintained by Taoman Li.

  It is focused on extensive usages of Firebird RDBMS on Linux and Windows:

      1. GUIFA ( Gtk User Interface Firebird Application)  GUIFA
      2. FLAP ( Firebird+Linux+Apache+PHPerl)  FLAP

      3. Firebird Clustering. (including ware-housing, BI, and data mining)

          ' Feathers of this bird are simply too beautiful to scatter idly around,
          can we collect them together and fly them higher ? '

          ' Yes, let's lay down a corner stone for the Firebird Data Warehouse ---
          Firebird Data (E)xtract (T)ransform (L)oad Control Center. '

          ' What can it do ? '

          ' It can Extract/Select from multiple remote databases, transform the results
          and load them into the local target database, even all into one same record. '

          ' Really? If you are not talking delirium in a high fever, let's do it. '

      4.  GTK / Glade / and Other  Programs  other_prgs

      5. Free Download Softwares (Linux/Windows)  FreeDownload


  Your comments, suggestions and participation are very much welcomed.
  contact me at:  daomannlee@gmail.com

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