Fire ants lives in wide open spaces such as fields, meadows, and crops, they also build their mounds on rotting logs, and underneath houses. The colony is very protective of the queen who provides the birth of the new ants. If the mound is disturbed the ants will act with extreme aggression, and female ants will sting you, injecting a venom that will leave the area swelled and itchy with pain. The advantage that they have is that they can use any kind of soil to build their mound, but they usually prefer sand or a soft clay they can manipulate.
    Fire ants mate with their queen, and the queen almost always gives birth to females, but only in the spring will it give birth.  Fire ants also like to live in warmer climates. This is the main reason why the fire ant population has strongly increased in the south rather than the northern states. They are social insects which means that they work together as a colony.
    There are three simmple ranks of the ant kingdom. the first is the worker ant, they specialize in digging routes in the mound as well as gathering food for the colony. The soldier ants protect the colony as well as the queen. They major in defense against the colony. 
    Finally there was the Queen. The Queen mates with every ant in the colony to constantly produce larva which evolve into adult ants.