The Firdausi's of Gwalior
by Shahida Abuzar, Ansar Firdosi, Talat Zamir & Fazil Firdausi.

Mehfooz Manzil 1960's
Girls in Front: Fehmida, Tasneem, Yasneem, Najma, Tehzeeb, Talat, Shahnawaz, Ismet, Khursheed, Mukaraam, Shaheen, Tahira, Wasima, Farkunda, Shimmi
1st Row: Ahmed, Bashan Phuppi, Dilshad Ali, Aziza, Musharraf, Quereshi, Salamaat Begum, Muhammad Faizi.
2nd Row: Nafees, Hasan Askari, Sipte Ali, Ashraf, Salim, Masarrat Begum, Safdar Jahan, Ahmedi, Shakeel, Tahir, Asrar, Mohsin
3rd Row: Haider, Javed, Ansar, Nadeem



This family-tree webpage is a work in progress ! The Firdausi's of Gwalior trace their lineage back to Hazrat Ali ibn Abu TalibAl-Murtaza, Al-Amir-ul-Mo'mineen, Abu-Turab, Asadu , son of Abu Talib-ibne-Abdul Muttalib and Fatima bint-e-Asad. Hazrat Ali was born Friday 13th of Rajab in 600 in Holy Ka'ba, Mecca, died Monday, the 21st Ramadan 40 AH/661 in Kufa and is buried in Najaf, near Kufa.   

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v     Sayyiad Abdur-Razzaq . 

His children:

                                                  i.            Sayyiad Khair-uddin .


v     Sayyiad Khair-uddin.

His children:

                          i.            Mir Sharaf-Uddin.



v     Mir Sharaf-uddin. 

His children:

                          i.            Mir Kareem Uddin.

v     Mir Kareem-uddin 
    His children:

                          i.            Mir Subhan Ali.

v     Mir Subhan Ali
His children:

                          i.            Mir Ghulam Ali.

v     Mir Ghulam Ali.
His children:

                                      i.            Mir Yaar Ali

v     Mir Yaar Ali. 
His children:

                                      i.            Mir Mehfooz Ali .


v     Mir Mehfooz AliMoved from Jaipur to Gwalior during the reign of His Highness Jayajirao Scindia (1843-1886) on the invitation of his friend Mir Zahoor Ali (Chief Secretary of Gwalior State).

      • Mir Mehfooz Ali became the Daroga or Chief of Municipal Corporation of Gwalior State.
Mir Mehfooz Ali (Photo taken in 1880's)

      • His children:

                                      i.            Mir Mohammad Ali Died in 1948.

                                  ii.            Hameed Ali Rizvi

                              iii.            Sultani Begum

                                 iv.            Bashaan (Wife of Abid Ali)

                                     v.            Mukhtar Begum


v     Mir Mohammad Ali (Click), died in 1948.
      • Member of Council of Regency which administered Gwalior State until the minority of His Highness Maharaja Madhavrao II Scindia.
      • When His Highness Maharaja Madhavrao II Scindia took the reigns of government in his own hands, Mir Mohammad Ali was appointed as the Chief Secretary of Gwalior State (1886 – 1925). The position of Chief-Secretary in Gwalior State was the equivalent of a Collector (Indian Admin. Services) and Prime Minister.
      • He was given the sobriquet "Honorable-Magnificent" by his peers (Source: Advocate Abdul Hakim Afsar s/o Abdul Haleem Deshmukh, 2009).  
      • Mir Mohammad Ali died in 1948.  

Mir Mohammad Ali (photo from 1930's)

Mehfooz Manzil 1930's - Wedding of Dr. Ah Firdausi & also his cousin Manzar Ali Rizvi

      • Mir Mohammad Ali’s first marriage was with Begum Afrozi, the eldest daughter of Mir Zahoor Ali (from Dana-Oli, Gwalior). They settled down in his ancestral compound known as Mehfooz Manzil which is located in Nimbalker Ki Goth, Kampoo in Lashkar.
They had two children:

                                      i.            Syed Mohammad Hasan Faizi. (Session Judge in State of Madhya Pradesh). 

                                 ii.            Begum Anwari 

      • After the death of Begum Afrozi, Mir Mohammad Ali married her younger sister named Begum Masooda.


Begum Masooda (Approx 1900-1905)
      • They had seven children:
                                      i.        Dr. Ahmed Hussain Firdosi (Click) was born in 1905 and died in 1979.  (Head of department of Ophthalmology, Dean Faculty of Medicine at Jivaji University (Renamed Gajara Raja Medical College). Gajara Raja Medical College established in 1946 by Maharaj Scindia, the First Medical College in Madhya Pradesh, India. College is located on Katora Tal Road in Gwalior.

Dr. A.H. Firdausi


              ii.            Mohammad Mohsin Rizvi (Chappu Bhai/Birbal). (Commissioner, Excise Department in State Government of Madhya Pradesh)

                              iii.           Mohammed Ahsan Rizvi (Gore Dada). (DOS Operations in Indian Railways)

                                 iv.            Hasan Askari Urfee (Deputy Collector in State of Madhya Pradesh)

                                     v.            Begum Ahmadi

                                   vi.           Begum Zahidi





vii.  Begum Qureshi (Chumuni)DOB 28 Oct 1916 Gwalior and DOD 6 dec 1995 Durg.
Married Syed Dilshad Ali, her khala's son.
L-R: Hasan Askari Urfee, Aziza Begum, Muhammad Mohsin Rizvi, Masarrat Begum,
Muhammad Faizi, Safdar Jahan, Dr. AH Firdausi, Ahmedi Firdausi,
Mohammad Ahsan Rizvi, Musharraf Begum

v     Hameed Ali Rizvi. Hameed married Salamat Begum.
      • They settled down in a compound that came to be known as Salamat Manzil. It was located behind Roxy Talkies (movie theatre) and close to Srisaab & Sardar Awad's compounds.
      • They had 8 children:

                                     i.            Nazim Ali Rizvi 

                                  ii.            Waris Ali Rizvi

                               iii.            Aley Ali Rizvi

                                  iv.            Ali Imam Rizvi

                                      v.            Musharraf

                                   vi.            Nadra (Nannan)

                                vii.            Mubarik

                             viii.            Mukarram

v     Sultani Begum. 
v     Bashaan Begum.  Bashaan married Syed Abid Ali
      • Their children:

i.            Syed Dilshad Ali of Gwalior (DOB - 1910 Gwalior, DOD - 1973 Raipur).


v     Mukhtar Begum.  Married Syed Shafiq Ahmed son of Hakim Syed Intezam Ali of Agra in 1903.

      • Syed Shafiq Ahmed was the Inspector General of Police of Riyasat Gwalior (Gwalior State) during the reign of H.H. Madhav Rao Scindia II. To honour him for his service Maharaj (king) got the Ahmad Shafi Mosque built in a public park in Lashkar, Gwalior.
      • Their children:
          1. Syed Khalil Ahmed
          2. Suriya Begum
          3. Saghera Begum
          4. Zehra Begum
          5. Zarina Begum
          6. Safiya Begum
          7. Aqeela Begum (?-2013)
          8. Syed Kafeel Ahmed
          9. Ghafera Begum

Dr. AH Firdosi's Hunting Party outside Gwalior in Ford Model T (1960's)

v   Syed Mohammad Hasan Faizi     
      • Syed Mohammad Hasan Faizi practiced law and retired as a Sessions Judge in Gwalior.
      • Mohammad Hasan was married to Safder Jahan Begum (Daughter of Zahoor Ali of Gwalior)
      • They had 7 children:
L-R: (Sitting) Yasmeen Faizi, Ferkhunda Faizi, ..... (Standing) HI Salim, Asrar Firdosi, Sipte Imam.

1)  Dr. HI. Salim Faizi (PHD Agriculture)

2)  Sibte-Imam Hasan (Died Aug 18 2011)

3)  Yasmeen Faizi

4)  Ferkhunda Ahmed

5)  Fahmida Faizi

6)  Tehzeeb Faizi

7)  Taslim Faizi

v     Dr. Ahmed Hussain Firdausi (Click) was born on 15 Nov, 1905 and died in 1979.
      • Dr. A.H Firdausi did his MBBS from King George Medical College in Lucknow, India.  With a scholarship from Gwalior State, he completed his Post Doctorate at Oxford University in London and returned to practice in Gwalior as an Opthamologist.  He became the Head of Department of Ophthalmology, Dean Faculty of Medicine at Jivaji University, Gwalior (Renamed Gajara Raja Medical College).
          • Gajara Raja Medical College established in 1946 by Maharaj Scindia, the First Medical College in Madhya Pradesh, India. College is located on Katora Tal Road in Gwalior. To keep Dr. AH Firdausi's memory alive GRMC gives the "Prof. A.H.Firdousi Award" - Given to a senior deeply interested in ophthalmic service to the weaker sections of the society and having no personal or professional blemish in his/her carrier
          • Articles Published:
            1. Shukla B, Firdosi AH. X-ray study of the nasolacrimal canal inlet. Indian J Ophthalmol 1965;13:55-8
            2. Shukla B, Srivastava SP. Studies on the depth of the anterior chamber. Indian J Ophthalmol 1967;15:135-8 - We are grateful to our chief, Dr. A. H. Firdausi, for his direction in this work.
      • Dr. AH Firdausi married Begum Ahmedunissa Siddiqui. (Begum Ahmedunissa Siddiqui was born in August, 1914 and was the daughter of Hakeem Khwaja Ehsan Ullah Khan Siddiqi of Hakeeman-e-Dehli family. This family traces their lineage to Khwaja Ubaid Ullah Al Ehrar of Samarkand, whose mother was descended from (Almuqallib Khwaja Nasir Uddin) Shaikh Omar Yaghistani, who was a descendant of Hazrat Omer Farooq, Radhi Allah o Anho. One of Khwaja Ubaid Ullah Al Ehrar's well known sufi succesors (Khulafas) was the great sufi-mystic/poet Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Balkhī, also known as Moulana Rumi. The Hakeeman-e-Dehli family served as physicians in the court of the Mughals, Jaipur State, Patiala, Rampur, and the Maratha rulers of Gwalior. Another notable person from the family was Hakim Khwaja Ajmal Khan (1863-1927) was an Indian physician specialising in the field of South Asian traditional Unani medicine as well as a Muslim nationalist politician and freedom fighter. Through his founding of the Tibbia College & Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi, he is credited with the revival of Unani medicine in early 20th century India. A close associate of Gandhi, he participated in the Non-cooperation movement (Satyagraha), led the Khilafat Movement, and was also the sole person elected to the Presidency of the Indian National Congress, the Muslim League as well as the All India Khilafat Committee.) 


Dressed for peshi at durbar for Dusherra celebrations.


Tiger hunt with Dr. Hazratji & Hasan Askari Urfee.....1970's. Outside Gwalior.


      • Dr. AH Firdausi & Ahmedunissa Begum had 7 children:

                                      i.            Asrar Hussain Firdausi was born on 23rd Feb 1942 in Gwalior and died on 6th June 1986 in Allahbad.


Asrar Firdausi


                                 ii.            Ansar Firdosi was born  in Gwalior on  31st Jan, 1948.


Ansar Firdosi


                            iii.            Saleha Firdausi was born in Gwalior on 14th, September 1934 and died Oct 21 2010.


Saleha Firdausi


                                 iv.            Shahida Firdausi was born in Gwalior on 13th April 1937 and died in Feb 2011.


Shahida Firdausi


                                      v.            Tahira Firdausi was born in Gwalior on 2nd Nov 1938.


Tahira Firdausi


                                 vi.            Durdana Firdausi was born in  Gwalior on 14th July 1940.

 Durdana Firdausi


                            vii.            Talat Firdausi was born on 24th Feb 1951.

 Talat Firdausi



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v     Hasan Askari Urfee. (Munnay Dada) married Aziza Begum of Bhopal

      • Hasan Askari Urfee joined the Indian Administrative Services (IAS) and retired as a Deputy Collector in Madhya Pradesh.
HA Urfee & Aziza Begum
      • They had 2 children:

                                      i.            Dr. Nadeem Urfee, died in 1988.

                                 ii.            Dr. Najma Urfee 


v     Mohammad Mohsin Rizvi (Chappu Bhai).  Married Masarrat Begum daughter of Hameed Ali Rizvi & Salamat Begum.

Mohd' Mohsin Rizvi
      • Mohd' Mohsin Rizvi joined the Excise Department and retired as it Comissioner in the State Govt' of Madhya Pradesh.
      • Mohd' Mohsin Rizvi & Masarrat Begum had 3 children:  
                                                                                       i.            Ashraf Hussain Rizvi 

                                 ii.            Khursheed Begum

                             iii.            Ismet Begum


Ismet & Khirsheed Rizvi
L-R: Ismet Rizvi, Rani, Masarrat Begum, Mohd. Mohsin Rizvi, unknown child, Ashraf Rizvi.

v     Mohammed Ahsan Rizvi (Gore Dada) married Musharraf Begum (Daughter of Hameed Ali Rizvi & Salamat Begum)
      • Mohd' Ahsan Rizvi joined the Indian Railways and retired as the Director of Service Operations (DOS).

Musharraf & Mohammad Ahsan Rizvi
 v    Begum Zahidi Married Manzar Ali Rizvi son of Mir Zahoor Ali of Dana Oli, Gwalior.
      • Manzar Ali Rizvi practiced law and retired as the District & Session Judge, M.P.
      • Their children were:
1). Tanvir Rizvi
2). Naseema Rizvi Jalil
3). Waseem Khan Rizvi
4). Dr. Jamshed Ali Rizvi
Dr. Jamshed Rizvi


5). Javed Ali Rizvi
6). Toqueer Ali Rizvi


v     Begum Quereshi (Chumunni)was born on 28 Oct 1916 in Gwalior and died on 6th Dec 1995 in Durgh, MP.
      • She married Syed Dilshad Ali of Gwalior, her khala's son (DOB - 1910 Gwalior, DOD - 1973 Raipur).
      • Their children:
                                                                                                i.            Fazal Hassan Shakeel
                            ii.        Syed Haider Husain Jafri
                            iii.       Syed Tahir Hussain Jafri

v Begum Anwaari
      • Her Children:

1) Dr. Hafiz Ahmed (Bhopal)

2)Jameel Ahmed

3) Khaliq Ahmed

4) Laeeq Ahmed

5) Afsari

6) Sarvari


8) Dr. Feroza

v        Syed Khalil Ahmed  (1904 - 1984) Married Begum Sayeda (Born ? - Died 2004), the daughter Peer Syed Noor Muhammad (S/o Syed Ghulam Muhammad Shah).
      • They Settled down in Karachi after the partition of the subcontinent.
Wedding of Syed Khalil Ahmed & Syeda Begum. To the left of the groom (Syed Khalil Ahmed) is Mir Mohammed Ali and on right  is his Syed Shafiq Ahmed (f/o Khalil Ahmed)
Photo taken in courtyard at Mehfooz Manzil, Gwalior
      • They had 11 children:
              1. Syed Ashraf Nigar (1934-present)
              2. Syed Asad Ali (1935-present)     (married Rafia Syed)
              3. Syed Samad Ali (1936-present) (married Dr Khurshid Fatima)
              4. Khusro Parveen (1940-present) (married to Masood Hasan Khan 1936-2009(S/o Zarina Begum)
              5. Syed Arshad Ali (married to Tahira Parveen  d/o Ghafera Begum)
              6. Syed Rashid Ali (married to Azra Zaidi)
              7. Syed Irshad Ali (married to Feroza Begum)
              8. Dr. Khalida Chaand (married to Dr. Syed Ilyas Haider Zaidi)
              9. Syed Muhammad Ali (Died at age 4)
              10. Shahida Begum (Married to Abdul Rahim Shoro)
              11. Syed Khalid Husnain (1958-present)   (My father) (married to Anila Kafeel D/o Syed Kafeel Ahmed

  • v        Syed Kafeel Ahmed  (1927 - 1991) Married Begum Zahida Farhat (? - 1999)
        • They Settled down in Karachi after the partition of the subcontinent.
        • They had 6 children:
                1. Syed Qaiser Ali (1953-1993) (Married to Sabiha Qaiser D/o Aqeela Begum)
                2. Syed Afsar Ali (1955-present)
                3. Syed Azhar Ali (Died at age 5)
                4. Neelofer Kafeel (Married Syed Ishaq)
                5. Anila Kafeel (Married her cousin Syed Khalid Husnain S/o Syed Khalil Ahmed)
                6. Shabana Kafeel (Married to Jamshed Qureshi)

                     v     Dr. Hasan Imam Salim  married Sadia Begum of Lucknow.

                    • Dr. HI Salim did his PHD in Agriculture and retired as a professor from the Maharani Laxmibai University in Gwalior. He passed away on March 31st 2013.
                    • Dr. Salim & Sadia Begum had 2 Children:

                                            i.            Zafreen Salim

                                            ii.  Romana Salim

                v     Fazal Husain Shakeel was born in Gwalior.  He married Shaheen Ali D/o Ibadad Ali, a well known businessman Buhranpur.  Shaheen Shakeel passed away on 11th March 2006. 
                    • Fazal & Shaheen had 2 children:

                                            i.            Mahe Darakshah (Guddi - Nick name) was born on 27th June 1977. 

                                            ii.  Mudassir Shakeel(Gudda - Nick name), Born April 19th, 1980.

                Mudassir married Naziya d/o Dr. Farooq of Guna, M.P.

                    • Fazal Husain Shakeel then married Rukhsana D/o Syed Hamid Ali and Nadira Begum of Gwalior. Ruksana was born on 18th Jan 1952 in Ujjain. 
                Fazal & Ruksana Shakeel

                v     Ferkhunda Ahmad was born in Gwalior.  Ferkhunda married Iqbal Ahmad, s/o Khan Bahadur Mehmood Ahmad of Calcutta.

                    • Ferkhunda & Mehmood had 2 children:

                                                      i.            Yusuf Zia Ahmad

                          ii.   Naheed Ahmad

                             v     Ismet Rizvi was born in Gwalior.  Ismet married Tariq Adil of Gwalior 
                    • Ismet & Tariq had 1 daughter:

                                                      i.            Humera Adil

                v     Tasnim Faizi was born in 19-- in Gwalior.
                    • Tasnim did her Masters of Sciences from Jiwaji University and started her career as primary school teacher in Gwalior.  She retired as the Principal of the Hujrat-Urdu Public School in Kampoo, Gwalior in 2011.
                    • Tasnim is an avid writer and poet.  Her articles and letters have been published in local newspapers in Gwalior.
                    • At present she is compiling a collection of her poems, essays and short stories to be published as a memoir.
                v     Asrar Hussain Firdausi was born on 23rd Feb 1942 in Gwalior and died on 7th June 1986 in Allahbad.
                    • Asrar practiced as a mechanical engineer and was working for Treveni Engineering Works in Allahbad when he passed away.
                    • Asrar married Najma Tareen, daughter of Col. Mohammad Hussain Khan Tareen and Mumtaz Khanam. (Najma Tareen was born on 3rd Dec 1950 in Lucknow and died on October 16th 1984 in Allahbad.)


                Najma & Asrar Firdausi Wedding.                                                             Najma Tareen                                            
                Col MHK Tareen & family.

                    • Asrar & najma had 2 children:

                                                      i.            Fazil Hussain Firdausi was born on 1979 in Gwalior.



                Fazil Firdausi (2005)

                                                 ii.            Iram Sehar Firdausi was born in Oct 2nd 1973 in Gwalior. Another name for Iram was Najmus Sehar.

                 Najma, Iram Sehar & Asrar


                v     Ansar Firdosi was born in 1948. Ansar married Catherine Floyd of Chicago, USA. 
                    • Ansar completed his Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry from Northeastern University and Masters in Polymer Science from DePaul University in Illinois, USA. 
                    • He worked as a Senior Research Scientist in Chicago and retired from Dow Chemicals in December 2014.
                    • For his research at Dow Chemicals a global patent (US8,323,746 B2), was issued on Dec 4th 2012. This invention relates generally to an improved composi­tion for producing porous ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) coat­ings. Medical devices often are sterilized by exposing a package of devices to ethylene oxide vapor.  The package is enclosed in a polymer-coated paper or nonwoven material which main­tains package integrity during its shelf life, keeping out bac­teria and other solid contaminants.
                    • Catherine was born in September 1956, in Chicago, IL. Catherine & Ansar had one son:
                                                      i.            Ansar-Ahmed Firdosi 

                Ansar & Ansar-Ahmed Firdosi


                    •  Ansar next married Robin Church of Oregon, USA in Jan 2005
                Ansar Firdosi & Robin Church
                v     Saleha Firdausi Saleha married Sultan Muhammad Khan son of Bapu Mian from Gujrat.
                    • They had 2 children:  

                                                      i.            Dr. Farah Khan (born in April 18th, 1960).

                                                   ii.            Dr. Nuzhat Khan  (born in 22nd June 1961).

                Farah & Nuzhat Khan (11th June 1974)
                v     Shahida Firdausi was born in 1937. Shahida married Sayyiad Abuzar son of Dr. Sayyied from Cuttak, Orissa.
                Shahida Abuzar Wedding
                    • They had 2 children:

                                                      i.            Azam Abuzar was born on 18th Jan, 1962.

                                                   ii.            Lubna Abuzar was born in 23 April, 1966.


                 L-R: Huma Zamir, Lubna Abuzar, Azam buzar, Salma Tareen

                v     Tahira Firdausi was born in 1938. Tahira married Dr. Qutub-uddin Ahmed) (Doctor Ahmed was born in 1933 in Agra, India.)


                Dr. Tahira & Qutub-uddin Ahmed

                    • They had 4 children:

                                                      i.            Mohammed Ahmed was born in 1982.

                                                   ii.            Farhat Ahmed was born in 1968.

                                                iii.            Naureen Ahmed was born in 1971.

                                                    iv.            Sophia Ahmed was born in 1973.
                L-R: Dr. Tahira Ahmed, Dr. Qutubuddin Ahmed, Farath, Sophia, Nina & Dr. AH Firdausi


                v     Durdana Firdausi was born in 1940 and died in Feb 2004. Durdana married Tanvir Rizvi (Son of Mazhar Ali Rizvi). The marriage ended in divorce.

                    • Their children:

                                                    i.            Adnan Rizvi was born in Mar 1964.

                                                 ii.            Omar Rizvi was born in 1966.
                Durdana & Adnan Rizvi


                v     Talat Firdausi was born in 1950. Talat married (retd.) Brig. Syed Athar Zamir. 
                    • (Brig. Syed Athar Zamir born in Mar 19th, 1940 is the son of Col. Zamir Ahmed of Rampur, UP).
                 Talat Firdausi & Syed Athar Zamir
                    • They had 3 children:  

                                                      i.            Huma Zamir was born in 16th September, 1970.

                                                   ii.            Hina Zamir was born in 27 Dec 1974.
                Hina & Huma Zamir
                                                iii.            Minha Zamir was born in 3rd Dec 1980.
                     Minha Zamir
                v     Dr. Nadeem Urfee, died in 1988. Nadeem married Wajiha Khan.
                    • Nadeem Urfee was serving as doctor in Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. The entire Nadeem Urfee family died in the Iranian Air shoot down on 3rd July 1987 in the Persian Gulf.
                    • They had 3 children:

                                                      i.            Daughter: Sehba

                                                   ii.            Son: Aman

                                                iii.            Son: Ayaan



                v     Dr. Najma Urfee. Najma married Dr. Jamshed Rizvi. (Son of Manzar Ali Rizvi & Zahidi Begum).
                    • They had 2 children:

                                                      i.            Dr. Afroz Rizvi

                Dr. Afroz Rizvi, Sami & Arzu

                                                   ii.            Dr. Farzad Rizvi


                v     Javed Ali Rizvi. Javed married Mehjabeen Khan, daughter of Nazneen Begum & Ishrat Ali Khan.
                    • They had 2 children:
                i.           Saba Rizvi
                ii.          Avez Ali Rizvi
                Javed Ali Rizvi & Family
                v     Syed Khalid Husnain. (1958-Present) married his cousin Anila Kafeel (D/o Syed Kafeel Ahmed)
                    • They had _ children:
                i.           Syed Muhammed Ali Husnain (Born Mississauga, ON, Canada)


                v     Dr. Farah Khan. Farah married Jawed Usmani of Aligarh on 20th June 1982.  

                      • Jawed Usmani is an officer of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Jawed Usmani obtained an MBA degree (PGDM) from IIM, Ahmedabad in 1976 and later the degree of MSc, Social Policy and Planning from London School of Economics in 1991. He joined the IAS in 1978 and was allotted to the UP cadre. He has worked as the District Magistrate in two districts, as the Registrar of a Central University, as the Managing Director of a state PSU, as Minister, Economic Cooperation at the Indian Mission in Kathmandu looking after Indian aid to Nepal, as Secretary to the Chief Minister of UP for about two years, and as Director and Joint Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office for more than eight years looking after key economic ministries. He was on a three years secondment to the World Bank which ended in October 2010. Since that time, he has been on sabbatical, based in New York while affiliated with CASI as a Visiting Scholar, conducting research on climate change and its implications for India. In 2012 Jawed Usmani was appointed as the Chief Secetary of Uttar Pradesh.
                      • Dr. Farah Usmani is the Planning Adviser at United Nations Population Fund, New York. Regional Adviser HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health at United Nations Population Fund, CST Kathmandu Nepal. Academic qualifications include an MD in Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as a Master’s degree in Health Policy, Planning and Financing from the London School of Economics. Relevant and diverse work experience with government, bilateral and multilateral agencies and programs. Serving in the United Nations International Civil Service (ICS).

                Farah & Jawed Usmani Wedding

                    • Their children:

                                                      i.            Son - Faraz Usmani born 27 Sept 1989.

                                                   ii.            Daughter -  Sabah Usmani born 16th August 1991.


                Jawed, Sabah, Faraz, & Farah

                v     Dr. Nuzhat Husain. Nuzhat married Dr. Mazhar Hussain of Kunda, Pratapgarh, UP. 
                        • Dr. Nuzhat Husain is the Dean, Professor and Head, Department of Pathology at RMLIMS, Lucknow. Ex-Professor of Pathology at King George's Medical College , CSM Medical University, Lucknow. Education: MD, Pathology from King George's Medical University in 1989. MBBS, Medicine from Aligarh Muslim University 1984.
                        • Dr. Mazhar Husain is the SENIOR CONSULTANT, SAHARA HOSPITAL, (CHIEF NEUROSURGEON); Ex. Head of Depts. Neurosurgery K.G. Medical University.  Dr.Hussain earned his medical degrees-M.B.B.S., M.S.& M.Ch.(Neurosurgery) from King George’s Medical College. University of Lucknow. He joined the neurosurgery faculty at King George’s Medical College in 1984 and rose to become head of the department in 1994, the position which he retained till Oct' 2008. Dr.Hussain is author of over 110 peer reviewed scientific papers published in various international journals of repute, including LANCET & ARCHIVES. His main area of research is technical developments in endoscopic neurosurgery and 13 of his publications are on this subject only. He has developed & hold patent right of a device for endoscopic lumber discectomy.(2002).Dr.Hussain has been a principle & co-investigator in eight research projects funded by DST,ICMR,MRC(UK) and others. He has authored seven book chapters.
                    • Their children:

                                                      i.            Son: Omar Mukhtar Hussain.

                                                 ii.            Daughter: Irma Hussain.

                v     Azam AbuzarAzam married Florence Michlet of France.   
                • Their children:
                1. Sophia Abuzar
                2. Nadia Abuzar
                3. Anais Abuzar
                v     Lubna AbuzarLubna married Shehzore Mirza of Hyderabad.  
                    • Their children:
                          1. Sadaf Mirza
                          2. Salman Mirza
                          3. Shiraz Mirza

                v     Rukhshunda Naheed AhmadRukshunda married Mohammad Jamil Ahmad. 

                    • Their Children:

                                                            i.    ______(Born August 1994)             

                                                         ii.   _______( Born in 1997)         


                v     Farhat Shamsi. Farath married Farrukh Shamsi. (Farrukh Shamsi was born in 1964).

                    • Their Children:

                                                            i.    Juhee (Born August 1994)             

                                                         ii.   Zeeshan ( Born in 1997)         

                                                      iii.    Armaan (Born in 2001)
                                                       iv.    Raabee (Born in 2003)


                v     Naureen Ilahi. Naureen married Ejaz Ilahi.
                Ejaz, Nina Elahi
                    • Their Children:

                                                                  i.             Sameen Ilahi

                                                               ii.             Maham Ilahi

                v     Sophia Sattar. Sophia married Dr. Tanvir Sattar.
                    • Graduated in 1995 from Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, receiving her bachelors in Fine Arts in painting and a minor in printmaking. Sophia has been featured in the Herald and Extra magazine in Pakistan. She worked as a theater actor, with Tehreek-e-Niswan ( woman's forum) projecting issues concerning women of her country. She has earned her MFA in the graduate school of painting at the Academy of Art University in 2012. Her work has been selected as part of the Student Outreach Program by the De Young Museum. She was also part of the Salon and Spring Show at the Academy.
                    • Sophia will be featured in the Emerging art series at the Academy and in the American Collectors Art Magazine, in the May Issue 2013. She will have her first solo exhibit at 79 New Montgomery at the Atelier Gallery in San Francisco in May2013. 
                    • Sophia has also been commissioned by the Interfaith Society of St. Isidore Church in Danville, to do a painting for a fundraiser. She is a member of Alamo Danville Arts Society and hopes to work in the art world as an ambassador for her community and to bring goodwill.
                    • To view her works visit:
                Tanvir & Sophia Sattar
                    • Their Children:

                                                                       i.             Fahad & Zarar-twins (March 1999)

                                                                     ii.             Raahim (2003)


                v     Adnan Rizvi Married Parveen

                    • Their Children:

                                                                         i.     Imran (Born 1997)            

                                                                      ii.    Rehan (Born 2000 ??)
                                                                  iii.  Zaid (Born July 2007)


                v     Huma Hashmy. Huma married Dr. Tariq Hashmy. (Tariq Hashmy born in 1965 is the son of Mr. Khalid Hashmy of Lucknow, India).

                    •  Their Children:

                                                                        i.            Zohair Hashmy

                                                                     ii.            Zara Hashmy


                                                                                                                                              Zara Hashmy


                v     Hina Zamir Siddiqui. Hina married Irfan Siddiqui (Irfan Siddiqui born on 23 Dec, 1968 is the son of Mr. A. Siddiqui of Lucknow). 




                • Their Children:
                                                      i.            Ayaan Siddiqui born Jan 25th, 2008.


                 Ayaan Siddiqui

                                           ii. Kamraan Siddiqui, Born 2009

                v     Iram Sehar Khan. Iram married Abbas Suhel Khan S/o Rashid Khan on 27 Dec 96. Abbas Suhel Khan was born in 1967 in Hyderabad. 
                    • Abbas Suhel Khan was the president of Osram Sylvania Ltd., a division of the Siemens AG.  In May 2011 he was appointed President & GM of of Carrier Sales and Distribution Canada.
                Iram Sehar & Suhel Khan
                    • Their Children:

                                                      i.            Azeem Khan

                Azeem Khan
                v     Mah-e-Darakshah Khan. Mah-e-Darakshah married Kashif Ajaz Khan S/o Hasan Mohammed Khan of Banaras (U.P.).
                    • Their Children:

                                                      i.            Aayan Hasan Khan, Born 8th Dec 2008 in Bhopal.

                                                      i.            Mazin Hasan Khan, Born 17th July 2010 in Bhopal.

                v     Fazil Firdausi. Fazil married Muzayyan Najam (Naveen) D/o of Syed Najam Tameen & Munazza Siddiqui on 18th March 2011. 
                    • Fazil Firdausi is a Civil Engineer specializing in Water Resources Management.
                    • Syed Najam Tameem, a Geologist, is the son of Sayyid Abu Tameem Faridabadi, the well known Urdu poet/writer who authored books like Rangīn lifāfah aur digar afsāne (1943), Gadhon mein bīdārī (1944), Bachchon ki alif laila (1973), Bandarnācā (1972), Zardah & Vārdāt-i Lāhaur.

                More Family Videos


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