Study in Brazil

UF Students can spend a semester abroad at either the Polytechnical School of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) or the Universidade Federal do Amazonas (UFAM) in Manaus.  The program is designed for students interested in the sustainable development of energy resources in Brazil.  The program at UFRJ is strong in the area of economics and engineering concerning energy resources such as gas and petroleum as well as environmental management by Brazilian industries.  The program at UFAM focuses more on natural resource management and economics in the Amazon region.

During their semester abroad, students take 3 classes in the area of Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development, plus conduct an independent study.  Students will receive 12 transfer credits on their UF transcript once completing the course.

All students participate in a 6-week intensive language course in Manaus prior to their semester at a Brazilian University.  It is strongly suggested that students have had at least two semesters of Portuguese prior to the course, as adequate language skills are necessary for students to achieve good academic performance in classes in Brazil.

Students receive a stipend of US$3500 to defray the costs of living in Brazil.

Approximate program dates (varies by year):

June 19

Arrive in Manaus

June 22 - July 24

Language Training Course at the Yagizi School for English and Portuguese – Homestay with families in Manaus

Aug 3 – Dec 12

Semester at UFRJ

Student housing, most likely in Zona Sur

Aug 10 - Dec 20

Semester at UFAM

Housing with families continued

Dec 21 – Jan 6

Plan your own departure date

Instituto Politecnico, Rio de Janeiro

Manaus region, Amazonas

Manaus, Amazonas