Infrastructure Restoration

·         STATUS REPORT:  As of 7 am Monday, Nov 5th the status of the Pines is as follows, there is no power, no phones, no fire service, no ferry service at this time. SCWA reported that water is flowing through the mains in the Grove and there is an interconnection between them and the Pines so the Grove is supplying water to the Pines but with limited pressure. The biggest danger right now is fire due to carelessness. Without proper water pressure to fight a fire the community is extremely vulnerable. SCWA is working to get fuel to the pump stations in the Pines to keep their generators working and develop pressure in the Pines. This should be accomplished Monday. This water is NOT DRINKABLE!!!!! This is ONLY FOR FIRE SERVICE.  It is essential that no one consume the water until the water has been decontaminated.  Decontamination could take a week or so according to the water authority.

·         FERRY SERVICE: Although the ferries were thankfully unharmed during the storm, the office of the ferry service was wiped out. Ken Stein said that he is working on temporary trailers to house his offices while major reconstruction is done to the structures at the ferry terminal. He is, under law by Suffolk County, unable to bring anyone to the Island now who does not carry a civil service card mentioned above. Once the ban is lifted, he said he would do his best to restore normal scheduled ferry service to both the Pines and the Grove.