Boardwalk (Eric Sawyer)

Sail walk at Ocean walk facing North looking back toward the bay.
·         BOARDWALKS:  Many of the boardwalks, especially Ocean Walk and its cross walks are damaged, covered with debris, disconnected or under sand. Bay Walk and many cross walks were lifted in the storm resulting in differences between the access walks to peoples’ homes and the town boardwalks. These differences can be as much as 2-3 feet. Nicole LaFountaine has been in touch with the Highway Dept. and is awaiting an answer about using local contractors to repair the walks ourselves rather than waiting for the Town to get to the Pines. The Highway Dept has a great deal to do on the mainland. The Pines is not high on the priority list.  Nicole hopes to hear back Monday with an answer.

 11/4/ 2012 I spoke at length with both Walter Boss and Bo Fridsberg the Acting FIPFD Chief about the condition of the board walks and want to offer this update based upon these two conversations. 

  1. The water and sand that flooded over the bulk heads from the Bay has raised Bay Walk along much of the Pines on both sides of the community. In some places the walk is a foot or more higher than the walks to the houses making it impossible to open some gate house doors to the house walk access, and to the garbage and gas sheds in the gate houses.  The walks largely remain passable by small vehicles including fire department walk vehicles but it will likely require water jetting of the posts to reposition much of the walks at appropriate levels. 
  1. The North South Walks are mainly passable but there are a few places, like Beach Hill South of FIBlvd. where there has been a collapse and it is not passable.  
  1. Several fallen trees and many fallen branches have been removed by contractors or the Fire Department Personnel from many walks making the walks mainly passable. 
  1. The Majority of board walk problems occur on Ocean Walk and there are numerous places were it is not passable due to collapses or due to large accumulation of sand from the dune wash over effect. 
  1. There are board walk collapses between Sail and Fisherman that make this area impassable. 
  1. There are board walk collapses between Ozone and Shell that make this area impassable. 
  1. There are board walk collapses between Neptune and Crown that make this area impassable. 
  1. There is perhaps as much as 8 feet of sand on top of the board walk across from the Cranberry Bog near Nautilus; removing this sand (perhaps into the bog) will be necessary to make the walk passable. 
  1. There is also a large amount of sand built up on Ocean Walk between Cedar and Pine from a wash over that make it impassable. 
  1. In addition I understand there is a 30 foot long 5 to 6 foot deep gorge at the end of Fire Island Blvd. by the La Fountaine House on the corner of Sail making it impossible for trucks to enter the East Cut. Apparently the Town has pledged to bring the front loader back from Davis Park to fill it in but that it has not yet happened. 
  1. It is reported that many well tops and Fire Hydrants in Water Island (also in our Fire District) have been sheered off making it without water for Fire Suppression and a Fire Hazard for the FIP Department and an Island wide fire threat. 
  1. A propane gas delivery is urgently needed to restore the generators at our water pumping station to return the water pressure to the level desirable for fire hydrants. 

Respectfully submitted based upon my limited information without beach access. Ğ Eric Sawyer Board Walk Committee Chair.

Ocean walk between Sail and Fisherman facing East in front of 450 Ocean