Fiona holds clinics at Hadsham House, Horley, Banbury, Oxfordshire.
To make an appointment, please see the details on the
              or call on 01295 738 609 

Registered patients have access to Fiona's range of minor ailment remedies for coughs and colds, herbal first aid etc. Please ask for details about how to become a patient. 


Registering as a patient involves having a short consultation (cost £10.00) to establish any major health issues you may have or any conventional medication you may be using. This gives you access to Fiona's range of minor ailment and winter ailment remedies only. Once registered I will issue you with a registration card. This will enable you to use my simple gentle home remedies without the need to re-register each time. You can put your £10.00 registration fee toward a Full Consultation at any time in the future, so, just as you might need to see your doctor rather than the pharmacist, you may find that consulting me fully will provide help and insights not possible without spending time with you.