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ECG Circuit

Design a three-electrode EKG/ECG circuit

A)    EKG/ECG Circuit Design

According to the datasheet for the amplifier AD620, the Medical ECG Monitor Circuit is designed as follow:

We will need to design the high pass filter and output amplifier.

The circuit for the high pass filter is shown as below

In order to get the cut off frequency, fc = 0.03Hz, the condition for R and C must be followed as:

=>  RC = 1 / (2πfc) = 1/ (2π 0.03) = 5.305

=>   Pick C = 1µF and R = 5.3MΩ


The circuit for design the output amplifier gain is as followed:

Non-inverting amplifier circuit.


According to the gain equation


Gain = (R1 + Rf)/ R1 = 143

=>  Pick Rin = 1KΩ and Rf = 142KΩ



    B)    Schematic diagram


C)    PCB