The Pearls & the Suitcase 'rough sketch' & cast

As readers of my blog will know, I am currently working on my novel "The pearls and the Suitcase." This  is  a rough sketch, as of today but this changes like the Northumberland weather, without warning, erratically and regularly! If you would like to read and review the first draft of the opening chapters  please click on the link at the bottom of the page.  Thank you for reading.

Story so far

Hari Malik, imminent private detective in India’s Himalayas is blackmailed into unravelling the mysterious disappearance of a priceless strand of pearls, missing since the British Raj and returning them to the malevolent Maharaja of Quandahar. After witnessing a mesmerising meteorite shower and haunted by a photograph of Evelyn Ashcroft the last owner of the necklace, the once unwanted quest becomes an obsession taking him across three continents.

 His world is turned upside down when it collides with a kaleidoscope of seemingly unrelated characters including Bernie O’ Mahoney a beautiful young woman in rural Ireland, Carmen Hernandez, a feisty house maid in ostentatious Beverly Hills, Catholic priest Father O’ Hara, who struggles to help orphans and nuns at a Mexican mission and the insidious, ruthless thief Carlos ‘Angel’ Ortega.

Ultimately, they are drawn together by Karma’s invisible thread, spinning towards an irresistible destiny which none of them could ever have dreamed of.


Hari Malik – Classic Indian good looks, handsome, but unaware of it, a man’s man, intelligent but modest, imminent private detective, enlisted by the Maharaja to recover the pearls, charismatic, with old fashioned good manners, not always popular as he speaks his mind, courageous and non materialistic, impatient, stubborn but loyal.  His mother and sisters are the centre of his world as he is theirs and he is haunted by the death of his wife Shilpa.

Bernie O’ Mahoney – An ivory complexioned, green eyed, Irish redhead who reawakens feelings in Malik he believed to be gone forever, since the death of his wife. Drawn by fate into the quest for the pearls, she is homely, creative, gregarious quietly ambitious and would like to venture beyond the rural life she has always known but lacks the confidence.

Jagdeep ‘Jag’ Aditya Khan, His Highness The Maharaja of QuandaharAn aristocrat from an ancient lineage, fabulously wealthy, greedy, spoilt, ruthless, Oxford educated, heads a shady business empire. He inhabits the fragranced world of the super rich, living between his exclusive home in Monte Carlo and his Palace in Shimla in the Himalayas. Believes the pearls to be his and wants them returned to him.

Carmen Hernandez – Hard working little educated, Hispanic housemaid in Beverly Hills wants to return home to her small town Mexico but family depend on the money she sends, street smart, bossy, feisty, curvaceous and voluptuously pretty she inherits a Chihuahua dog, ‘Tippy’ who plays an important part!

Carlos “Angel” Ortega- heartbreaking good looks, orphaned, became a feral youth who grew into a pathological liar, philanderer, opportunist, driven by survival instinct. He can be ruthless and although often lacking in conscience, has a sense of humour and is surprising kind to the children at the mission, subconsciously reflecting on his own childhood


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