FF Boston is taking a break for summer. 
In the meantime, enjoy events at the Scandinavian Cultural Center in Newton 
and the Lodge 
of the Knights and Ladies of Kaleva at Fort Pond in Littleton. Please see below!
Saturday, June 16 at 7 pm, 
Scandinavian Cultural Center, Newton

The music of Jepokryddona springs from the Swedish speaking regions of Jeppo in Nykarleby, Ostrobothnia, Finland. In fact, Jeppo is one of the few places in the world where the minuet and the polska remain part of a living tradition of playing and dancing. Jeppo is a source of countless old-style melodies.
Tunes are always learned by ear.  Jepokryddona play with a young, fresh touch – but with the same swing and fire as the old fiddlers.

Tickets are 50% off to Finlandia Foundation-Boston members with the code Finlandia at checkout. Thank you to the SCC!

Knights & Ladies of Kaleva of Maynard at Fort Pond, Littleton 
Sundays in May: Mölkky Madness
June 23: Juhannus Picnic and Bonfire

Event flyers below. Please address questions to kalevalodgelittleton@yahoo.com.

Savele Syrjala Journalism Scholarship

For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying in the field of Journalism or Communications.

Aina Swan Cutler Music Scholarship

 For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying music (excluding hard rock and electronic music).

The application deadline for both is June 29, 2018.

For more information or an application for either scholarship, please contact Edith Eash.

Edith Syrjala Eash


Or go to our SCHOLARSHIPS page where there are downloadable forms for the journalism and music scholarships.


Lauri Armas Lindell Architectural Scholarship 

For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying architecture in the United States or Finland.

For more information or an application for the architecture scholarship, please contact:

Linda Ilona Lindell

 471 Waltham St.

Lexington,Mass 02421