Annual Meeting to elect the 2018 FF-Boston Board

Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 3 pm

Scandinavian Cultural Center, 206 Waltham Street, West Newton

All FF Boston members are warmly invited and encouraged to attend! Please come show the Board that the work it is doing matters to you. Reports from the President, Treasurer, Scholarship Committee and Suomi-koulu will be presented, then members will be asked to vote on the following slate for the 2018 Board:

President: Linda Lindell, Vice president: Tapani Ronni, President elect: TBA

Treasurer: Anne-Mari Paster, Clerk: Teresia Moller, Membership Chair: Liisa Chanoff

Program Chair: Ilona Jokinen, Newsletter Editor: Molly Pratt, Hospitality Chair: Sirkku Konttinen

Scholarship Chair: Edith Eash, Suomi-koulu Liaison: Saana McDaniel

Nominating Committee: Nathalie Forssell, Saana McDaniel, TBA

There are a few positions yet to fill. If you have a little time to lend, please consider joining the Board. You'll help bring quality programs that share the best aspects of Finnish and Finnish-American culture with our local audience. Please get in touch with us at finlandiaboston@gmail.com to learn more. We need you!

Once business is concluded, we'll enjoy coffee and a bite to eat, followed by the documentary Metsän tarina (Tale of a Forest) about the old growth forests in Northern Finland.

Savele Syrjala Journalism Scholarship

For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying in the field of Journalism or Communications.

Aina Swan Cutler Music Scholarship

 For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying music (excluding hard rock and electronic music).

The application deadline for both is June 30, 2017.

For more information or an application for either scholarship, please contact Edith Eash.

Edith Syrjala Eash


Or go to our SCHOLARSHIPS page where there are downloadable forms for the journalism and music scholarships.


Lauri Armas Lindell Architectural Scholarship 

For a student of Finnish-American heritage studying architecture in the United States or Finland.

For more information or an application for the architecture scholarship, please contact:

Linda Ilona Lindell

 471 Waltham St.

Lexington,Mass 02421