The CinQo Saturn - the second generation is here. Five arms, each precisely instrumented in a (patent pending) arrangement and now connected by the "Ring of Saturn". Add in the ANT+ Wireless Communication with the convenience of a user replaceable CR2450 battery and you've got Quarq Power!

Measures Power at the Crankset

The Quarq CinQo is a bicycle powermeter that is integrated into the crankset of the bicycle.  Specifically, the CinQo is a instrumented crank "spider" that mounts on specific production cranksets.

ANT+ Wireless Communication

The ANT+ radio transmits the CinQo's power measurement digitally to other ANT+ compatible bicycle computers. (Think of ANT+ as "Bluetooth" for bicycles.)  ANT+ computers include the Garmin Edge 705 and the iBike iAero.  The ANT standard is available to all bike computer manufactures, so look for more ANT+ compatible bike computers in the future.

The CinQo System

The CinQo is only a power sensor, so to outfit your bike with a complete power measurement system, you need the following items:

  • CinQo Power Sensor - One of the three models from above – for SRAM, FSA or Rotor.
  • Compatible Crankset - One of the crankset models listed above.  You can either buy cranks directly from us, or if you already own them (or purchase them elsewhere), you can send them in to us to have the CinQo installed.
  • ANT+ Computer - Either the Garmin Edge 705 or the iBike iAero.
  • Analysis Software - Quarq recommends TrainingPeaks WKO+.

Crank Arms Compatibility

The CinQo is designed for attachment to the following production cranksets with separate spider assemblies.

  • SRAM S900
  • Bontrager Race X Lite
  • Truvativ Rouleur Carbon
  • Quarq compatible FSA SL-K (available only from Quarq)
  • FSA Team Issue (with removable spider)
  • Pinarello MOST (with a removable spider)
CinQo Rotor
  • Rotor 3D

The CinQo will only fit the SRAM or FSA cranksets that are listed above and does not attach to any Shimano or Campagnolo cranks. Cranks that have an integrated spider and crank arm such as Shimano or Campagnolo are not compatible because the CinQo replaces the spider.

Strain Gage Technology

The CinQo powermeter measures power by measuring the torque (pedal force) and the angular velocity (cadence). When you press on the pedals, all parts of the bikes drivetrain displace (flex) slightly under the load. The CinQo spider is carefully designed using Finite Element Analysis to displace in a very controlled manner in specific locations in response to applied load. Strain gages are used to measure the displacement and thus calculate the applied torque.

Strain gage technology has been around for many years and is used in other very popular bicycle powermeters including PowerTap and SRM products. Although the basic measurement principles date back over 50 years, modern solid state electronics have improved greatly allowing high accuracy and low power consumption for optimal battery life.

The CinQo uses 20 strain grids on 10 gages in Quarq proprietary arrangement (Patent Pending).

ANT+ Compatible Computers

Garmin Edge 800
Garmin Edge 500
Garmin Edge 705
Garmin Edge 310XT
iBike Sports Aero
Bontrager Node (1 and 2)
CycleOps Joule

Specialized Speedzone Pro

more information on how to buy a Quarq power meter and compatible Garmin computers, as well as pricing, email Roger.