Daniel Finkel                

Math Tutoring For All Ages

What is Mathematics? 

Most of us have a skewed relationship with math: we hate it for its drudgery or love it for its consistency, but usually we don't have a sense of the whole picture. In truth, mathematics is a beautiful art form, and we rarely have the opportunity to see it as such. It's easy to lose sight of the elegance in the midst of technical details, especially when aesthetics, motivation, and simplicity--the core values of mathematics--are absent from typical math courses.

What I Do

I'm most interested in going outside of curriculum, and providing enrichment to those seeking a challenge or a new perspective to those having a difficult experience in math. I also offer tutoring in mathematics for any age and any subject.

  •  K - 8
  •  Algebra I and II
  • Geometry
  • Trig and Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Linear Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Anything You Need

Why I'm Different

I've devoted much of my life to understanding the motivation, history, and deep structure of mathematics. My goal is to help everyone understand and have a positive relationship with the subject. Apart from tutoring, my background includes:

              • PhD in mathematics from the University of Washington
              • Two years as a high school school in teacher in New York
              • Four years teaching college math courses
              • Two years as a "Math Fellow" in Seattle elementary schools under the GK-12 program
              • Excellence in Teaching award from the University of Washington
              • VIGRE award to design and teach "An Invitation to Mathematics" seminar
              • A summer designing and teaching "Turtles All The Way Down," a Summer Stretch course in mathematics at the Robinson Center.


From Students: 

  • "[Daniel] has reminded me of the interesting fun side of math rather than the stuff we are grilled on in class." 
  • "... made me open my mind more to "simple" concepts that I didn't realize involved so deep a thinking level."
  • "I have always been interested in math, but never have I been exposed to such diverse and interesting concepts."
From Parents:
  • "Dan is a natural teacher - exceedingly personable and engaging while holding a clear focus on making math concepts understandable and intellectually interesting. The tutoring sessions were lively and productive. Our teen reported truly enjoying the process and is eager to recommend Dan to other school friends. From a parental perspective, we can heartily recommend Dan Finkel to other parents interested in helping their student make the most of their math courses."
  • "When we sought your help it was because [our son] had hit a point in math where his grades had dipped, he wasn't getting it, and neither of his parents could fill the gap between group instruction at school and the solitary tasks that he was bringing home. You quickly brought him--and his confidence--up to speed for purposes of classroom learning and then--and this is what he's liked best--took him to the point where math and imagination and downright fun no longer look remedial or, for that matter, like an adjunct to the schoolroom. As i say, you seemed to be in it together, making and moving toward the resolution of genuine problems and fascinating ones. He has always looked forward to your meetings--and i'm quite sure that his ability, with your help, to out-think his parents (at least in that domain!) was a kick."

 Rates and Contact Info

 I charge 60/hour. Sliding scale and group rates available as needed.

I can be reached anytime at 206-226-8869, or by emailing dfinkel@math.washington.edu.

Other Reading Material

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