Meet to work.

 We are serious writers who meet for a few hours a week with occasional extra sessions.

Usually we meet  TUESDAYS TBD....for now we're trying the Barnes and Noble across from our old (sob) Borders in Farmington.  1599 South East Road.

We're also now meeting on THURSDAYS there.


FRIDAYS (9:30)  at La Paloma Sabanera 405 Capitol Ave in Hartford..

If no one else shows up consistently on these days,  or if one of our regulars requests another day/venue, I reserve the right to mess with the schedule again.  I really like Virginia and La Paloma (easy parking--usually) and she's made the upstairs available.

Please! Email me with your preferences! katerothwell at

Our main activity = scribbling in a notebook or tapping on a laptop.

I write fiction full time but my self-discipline has broken down and I need to change my routine.

"Writing a book can be lonely and intimidating when you are trying to go it alone, but often when writers get together they do more talking than writing.

This is a group to fill in the gap. It is for writers who would like the structure and energy of working around other writers, but don't want the time to be spent in time-killing chit-chat.

The focus is to get out of neutral, feel the support and energy of other writers and get to work on dreaded manuscript in a comfortable environment."

--Jessica Trapp

I'm willing to help arrange crits or talk industry, but mostly I want to work and hope you do too.

There are only two rules:
1. be prepared to work
2. don't disturb anyone else who's working.

Unless I post a notice here, you can assume that the meeting is on.

I treat this like any job--I show up and do my work. (And sneak looks at the internet when the boss isn't watching--not to mention gossip with coworkers.)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE!! Feel free to use this site to work together. If someone wants to form a crit group using the great resources of Google go ahead! Use this page!