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Arise, write and release it (coming soon)
Increase your self Esteem 
Improve your love life, coming soon
Manifestation Methods Secrets, coming soon
New Law of Attraction, coming soon
Reprogram your brain, 
Tapping into change, 
Secret Law of Attraction and Reality,

The Secret Law of Attraction and Reality

How it works with social movements to politics to Relationships and Money.

There seems to be a real disconnection between those that say they believe in the law of attraction and those same people‟s reactions and responses to social movements. 

In this module Doc Houston explains, using every day language, how to shift from having trouble in trying to apply the law of attraction to actually moving to a place where it hardly ever comes into your mind and you easily begin to get the results you want to see in the world around you. 

With Dr. Houston Vetter
One session: 3rd Thursday of the month


Tapping into change 

Finally, a fast, fun to use tool that will transform you. Release the emotional pain associated with old memories. Change your mind and change your life!. This four week intensive will help you better understand the body's energy system and how pressure to certain points can shift your world by altering the emotions surrounding old stuff. This is highly interactive and energetic.

The Bubble Gum Brain/Energy 101
Peeling The Human Onion/Perception is Projection
The *Hit List
LOA and tapping

With Tam Veilleux
4 week program, Tuesdays 9 PM Eastern Time

Reprogram your brain

Until you learn the mechanism that blocking from going in the direction you want to go and succeed, you will feel stuck. Worst, you might start succeeding and then self-sabotage yourself. 
Whether in love, money or health; it has been scientifically proven that you brain has the most power. 
In order to take back control over your life, you need to take control over your brain.

Find how you can learn to change your thoughts patterns so that you can reprogram your brain into success.
It is like reprogramming a computer. We will give you the tools you need to be able to transform your limiting beliefs into powerful expanding beliefs that will help you get to where you want to go.

With Slavica Bogdanov
4 week program , 2 hours every Wednesday 8 PM Eastern Time 

Improving your love life

Coming soon

Increase your self esteem

At the base of any success, the first one is to overcome doubts about our own limitations. if you do not think, deep down, that you deserve better, guess what? You won't get any better.

In this module, we give you everyday methods and tips on helping you develop and build a strong self esteem. We help you love yourself because that is at the root of any success.

We want you to feel like your are on top of the world!

With Slavica Bogdanov
4 week program , 2 hours every Saturday 10 AM Eastern Time