Helpful Hints


** Refrain from using hand lotions prior to being fingerprinted, use Witch Hazel or alcohol to remove lotions from hands.**

Sweaty Palms, known medically as Palmar Hyperhidrosis, or excessive hand sweating
makes fingerprinting very difficult and sometimes impossible.  If you suffer from this condition please
advise us prior to your appointment so we can offer some remedies that will assist during the fingerprinting process.**

**FSD-258 cards must be completed in black ink only, any other color will be rejected by the FBI**

**An FSD-258 card is not valid until you have signed the card in the upper left corner**

**The FSD-258 card will be signed and dated by the FPS Technician after you are fingerprinted**

**FSD-258 fingerprint cards shall not be folded or bent, this will cause a rejection from the FBI**

**When filling out your personal information after the prints have been taken,
place a piece of paper over the prints so your hand does not smudge the prints**

**It is always recommended that a minimum of two FSD-258 cards are completed and submitted to the FBI. 
The second card serves as a verification specimen in case a print is questioned by the examiner**