Black Unisex Warm Half Finger Stretchy Knit Gloves

Customer Reviews
Black Unisex Warm Half Finger Stretchy Knit Gloves
1. These gloves are just like we had hoped for: snug, warm, and allows us to pick up things better than if we wore fingered gloves. These are just right for the times when we play the piano. They remove the chill and still allow us to play the piano well. They are a great colour, black, which won't show off stains as quickly as a lighter shade would. They work well for my hands: which I don't have a large wrist bone or wide palm of hand either.
Other people have complained about the size: if you order these gloves, consider only one pair at first to see if they work. If they don't, you haven't lost a lot of money; if they do, then you will know if you'd want more later on. The frayed edges on the finger openings can be singed with a match or ligher, and that should help that. Consider hand washing or avoiding the dryer, maybe even removing from the washer before spinning and line or naturally drying--to avoid shrinkage. It is your money. You make the decision. I can recommend, but only in a small quantity to start with, so you know if the size is right for you.
Men with small or medium size wrist bones and not wide palms should work rather nicely. Ladies with small hands that only can stretch a tenth on the piano with effort, you shouldn't have much problems at all. Young people without bulky or large hands, you may enjoy something like this to keep out the cold while you do your typing, piano, or such. They work well for us! We've been wanting some of these gloves, and they came today. We still have them on ever since we took them out of the package! Just be careful with the size of your hands. If large, you may need to keep doing a little more searching. They are very nice indeed!
2. After I recieved these gloves in the mail I realized that they are the same thing that anyone can get at the dollar store. I don't regret getting them, but I could have done better saving my money. I still use the gloves and I like them. I use them for biking and started using them since it recently got chilly outside. They work well but I would just go to the dollar store for different gloves.
3. The gloves are $4-$5, that's pretty good. If you're looking for something that very good quality & warmer then you should be leaning more towards cashmere fingerless gloves; HOWEVER there will be a significant price hike. You decide.
I ordered these gloves & they're fine. There were a few loose threads, which I trimmed off. I use these for tasks around the work place (dumping garbage) because I don't want to use my expensive cashmere for things like that.
Overall: Good gloves price considered. Would order these again if I lose the pair I have, or just decide I want more!
4. My church is cold. It isn't the congregation that's unfriendly--it's the environment. In the summer, the men wear suits. The a/c is cranked up to make them comfortable. This winter, we have a new heating system that no one can figure out how to operate. Last service, it was 54 when I went in. Turning on auxiliary heat helped but that was after I'd played most of the songs there were to play. These gloves are just the ticket. My fingertips still aren't warm but they have to hang out to feel the keys. Wish I'd gotten these sooner!