Larry Bieri, 7th dan, Shihan
Chief Instructor of Finger Lakes Aikido

Finger Lakes Aikido was started in 1997 and is affiliated with the United States Aikido Federation, under Yamada Yoshimitsu Shihan. Chief Instructor, Larry E. Bieri Sensei, began his study of Aikido in February, 1971 at the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, the original source of all Aikido styles and the parent organization of the U.S.A.F.  For the next 16 years he received continuous instruction from a large number of Master Teachers, all direct students of Founder Ueshiba Morihei.  Returning in  April, 1987, he was made a Certified Instructor (Shido-in) by the U.S.A.F.  Now ranked 7th dan, Bieri Sensei also teaches Aikido (for credit) at Cornell University and at the Cornell Aikido Club.  He gives seminars by invitation around the world.
While in Japan, Bieri Sensei also practiced "samurai" combative traditions passed down since the days of warfare with bladed weapons.  He continues to train in these arts today and this experience influences his approach to Aikido.

Yukiko Katagiri, 6th dan, Shido-in
Chief Instructor of the Cornell Aikido Club

Yukiko Katagiri Sensei is 6th dan chief instructor at Cornell Aikido Club with over 30 years in Aikido.  Katagiri Sensei sometimes assists at Finger Lakes Aikido classes.

Mark Reichert, 5th dan, Shidoin   

Mark Reichert, 5th dan, has over 25 years of Aikido experience and is a regular instructor at Finger Lakes Aikido.