Free Quilting Patterns and Tutorials

Here are some free patterns to get you started.

You will need the program Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to open and print these files.

Many printers do not print true to size. Either across the page or up and down it, sometimes both. If you measure and your printer is off, then take the pdf to a copy shop. For a small fee they will be able to help you print the patterns to the correct size. Printers that also copy are more likely to print correctly, but test to be sure before making lots of copies.

To save the files to your computer, click with the mouse button you don't normally use. I refer to this as "other click". A menu will pop up. Use the "normal click" to choose "Save Link As" in Firefox. In Internet Explorer it's labeled "Save Target As". I don't know about other browsers, but it should have the save in the label. Choose a place you can find it, your desktop or other location and click "Save".

This first pattern is for learning to foundation piece, also called paper piecing. I prefer the term foundation piecing as their is a hand pieced method called English Paper Piecing. People often get them confused.

My patterns will eventually have directions included for left handed quilters. I will replace the existing directions with the new ones. I'll post a notice when I've made the changes.

This is an old pattern called Square in a Square. It can be strip pieced, template pieces and foundation pieced. Because there is only one section and the pieces are simple shapes it a great pattern to learn with.

Here's a picture of a completed block. It's ready to be finished into a candle mat or pot holder or joined to other blocks to create a quilted item. The directions for this pattern are attached below. The file is called Square in a Square.
My daughter Jennifer tested the pattern for me. Here's a picture of her block almost completed into a candle mat.

As you can see by the pins it's still being worked on. Therefore, it's not blocked yet. This is her very first project learning to bind a quilt.

Here is a smaller, slightly simpler pattern. The outer most triangles are not included. This block finishes at 3 inches. It's called Square in a Square 3 inch. The 7 inch version above is easier to learn with, due to the pieces being bigger.

This block is called Sarah's Choice. It's pieced in 4 strips which are then joined together to make the block. It's important you read the directions in the file on how to print. Make sure the scaling is set to sone in Adobe and your printer is set to print at 100%. See your printer manual or online documentation. There are just too many different printers for me to give you specifics on your printer. The pattern has the directions for Adobe.

  Sarah's Choice
Pattern tested and block made by Gail W.

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Sep 19, 2009, 1:35 AM
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