Custom Micro-Scrimshaw Jewelry Design for Men and Women

  •  by:  Sharon Vrla


     Scrimshaw is one of only a few indigenous American crafts.  Practiced for centuries by the Inuit and other native groups along the Northwest Coast, it was adopted by the Yankee whalemen of the early 1800's. Two- to five-year voyages quickly became monotonous, so the whalemen turned to working with baleen, whale teeth, and jawbones, all of which were in abundant supply -- in fact, on many ships, whale teeth were part of the pay, and were often traded to shopkeepers in port for goods or services.  

     The ivory that I have procured is legal in every way.  I work with antique piano keys, mastadon and mammoth ivory. 

     From conception to delivery, each piece usually takes between 30 and 40 hours.  Pricing is typically $200 per square inch and may fluctuate slightly depending on the subject matter.  Any setting that I create will be added to the intial cost.   All of my work is accompanied by care instructions and a description, or history, of the  images chosen.  Also, you can click on each piece  in the "portfolio" section for a more detailed view.

     Some of my work is dispalyed in Caravan Gallery on St John, USVI and in Aker's Metals in Houston, Texas.

   Many commissioned pieces I have done are now in the private collections of clients and friends alike. 

     Sould you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you!