Denice van Waardenburg

Denice was born and educated in South Africa.

In 1956 she immigrated to Zimbabwe, where she got married.

They have two daughters and three Grand daughters. 

In 1969 moved to Brazil where she started Porcelain Painting.

She lived there for 11 years and In 1979 they moved to Miami, where she became a US Citizen.

In 1989 she moved to Richmond and in 1991 settled in Melbourne, Florida.   


Denice loves painting nature and later in her career has dedicated more time to Wildlife.   Her love for Africa and the increased global interest to preserve the endangered species, have fueled her desire to express this on porcelain

Something about Porcelain Painting: 
Porcelain Painting is an ancient Art
which originated in China.

It is also referred to as China Painting, mineral or Overglaze painting.  This Art found its way to the Western world through Marco Polo in the 13th. Century. In the late 1800’s it began to flourish in America along the East Coast. This period produced the antiques we see to day. Porcelain painting requires many firings to achieve the desired depth of color. 

Her love for Africa and the rekindled global interest for the preservation of endangered species are the fuel for her desire to express this on Porcelain

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