Finding your Dæmon Within

How Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series revived the Jungian concept of animus and anima to help us get in touch with our inner selves, and how you, too, can find your dæmon.        

Meet Your Daemon


 The recent movie The Golden Compass has spotlighted Philip Pullman's excellent His Dark Materials series. The concept of the "daemon" is perhaps the part of this story that most captures our imaginations. We all wish that we had our own dæmons.


Actually, the idea of picturing and speaking to your own subconscious soul is a very old concept, one which Carl Jung, the eminent psychologist, explored in great depth. Not only is finding and speaking to your daemon possible, but it is emotionally healthy and important for psychic growth.


Many people already speak to their "daemon" and do not realize it, because they call it by a different name. Students of Jungian psychology call it their animus/anima. Parents call it an imaginary friend. People who have read Philip Pullman's books call it their "dæmon".  No matter what you choose call this part of you, it is a real part of the psyche that you can learn to see and speak with.  Our dæmons serve as a conscience, a guardian angel, and a method of examining ourselves. By learning to hear this subconscious voice, we can help expand our own emotional development. Depending on the kind of animal our dæmon's form takes, we can learn a lot about our own personalities. 


How can I see and speak with something that isn't really there? 

 Speaking to one's dæmon is simply an act of imagination and self discovery.  There are many ways to get in touch with this part of your self. 

This is not about contacting otherworldly spirits or similar "magical" nonsense. This is a real aspect of your mind which has been recognized by psychologists for generations.


On this website, we explore what is meant by the term "dæmon", and discuss how you learn to see and speak with your own. We also address how dæmons compare to Jung's concept of the animus/anima, and why speaking to one's dæmon is psychologically healthy. Finally, we hope you will browse the websites of other dæmians, whose web pages and blogs can be found on our links page.

Welcome, to Finding Your Daemon! We hope you enjoy exploring these pages. We suggest you start with our introduction.