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January 31, 2007.

 Over the last couple of weeks, a 71-year-old Mississippi man has been charged in the 1964 kidnapping and murder of two young black men.  If he is convicted, a case that was cold for nearly 43 years will be solved.  It is cases such as this that should give loved ones hope that their case is never too old or too cold to solve.  Every case is solvable though it may take a lot of years and a lot of prayers.  Source

February 2, 2007.

We've followed the Robert Pickton case for the last few years but it's really frustrating that the BC government placed a gag order on all coverage of the trial.  I'm finding out bits and pieces through friends and some online communities.  We had a friend up for dinner the other night who shared some rather interesting inside information about  the missing East Vancouver sex workers.  I won't repeat what he told us but it was quite shocking.  

As it stands, Robert is charged with 26 counts of first degree murder.  There are close to 50 sex workers missing and those are the ones that have been reported missing by their families.  I think there are scores more who fell through the cracks and are not considered missing by their families.  It may not be unusual for their families not to hear from them for years at a time.  

Even though I'm trained in the fields of therapy and psychology, I don't think I will ever fully understand what motivates people to do these things to people. Psychopathology is sometimes not diagnosed until it is too late.  Jeffrey Dahmer is a good example of this.  He seemed normal to most people until police discovered what he was doing to young males. Robert Pickton stories in the news. 

February 22, 2o07.

Today is the 16th anniversary of Ben's disappearance. 


Easter Sunday, 2007.

I don't celebrate Easter but I do celebrate Ostara, which honours the rebirth and renewal of spirit and nature.  As I approach this day, I hope that this time of rebirth and renewal brings change to Ben's case and hope to those who love him.  Many blessings to you all. --Samantha