Selection Methods

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  • Preliminary Selections:

To begin the process, the FNaW Team will review the applications which are received by the deadline.  Any applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list and reviewed if the number of timely applicants are insufficient.  The applications are reviewed for completeness, correctness and appropriate gender.  All applications that pass this step in the process will go on the the next step, the Screening Process.

  • Screening Process:

This step begins with the FNaW Team carefully reading the applications received from interested parties.  All information is kept confidential within the company.  The information provided to us is checked against Nirmal's own preferences.  108 dimensions are used to determine which applications have the highest compatibility to Nirmal.  The top 90th percentil of the applicants are then subject to Background Checks.

  • Background Checks:

The Background Checks are necessary to ensure the safety of Nirmal and the FNaW team alike.  The background check consists of a criminal check, employer verification and venereal disease screening.  Any applicants who decline a background check will be automatically denied continuing on to the One-on-one Interviews.

  • One-on-one Interviews:

Interviews are then conducted in person with the applicant and the FNaW Team.  The interviews are held either at the applicant's home or in the FNaW offices, located in Chicago, IL.  Accomodations must be made by the applicant.  Costs including, but not limited to, travel, hotel rooms, meals, etc., will not be covered by the FNaW Team.  The interviews take approximately 2-3 hours and are mandatory for the FNaW Team to determine if you are qualified for a Personal Interaction.

  • Personal Interactions:

The Personal Interaction with Nirmal himself will take place at a time to be determined by Nirmal.  You will receive a phone call from the FNaW Team approximately 5-10 business days before your rendez-vous with Nirmal.  The phone call will inform you of the time and location of the date, as well as the appropriate dress.  Nirmal obtains all rights to end the date whenever he chooses.  The applicant shall not receive any compensation for the date if Nirmal terminates the interaction.

  • Final Selection:

After Nirmal has conducted the required number of personal interactions with the qualified applicants, he will make his Final Selection with the aid of the FNaW Team.  If Nirmal deems none of the applicants worthy of becoming his wife, the entire process will begin anew.  Applications will be accepted effective immediately following the request of Nirmal.


The entire selection process takes approximately 6-8 months.