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What are Mark's vital statistics?

Mark is 54 years old. He was born April, 19, 1957.

Mark is 6'0", 180 lbs, with blue eyes, balding hair and a short gray beard.

What is Mark's medical condition?

Mark was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2007. He underwent a comprehensive chemotherapy regiment. In the summer of 2009, the same cancer returned - this time in his eye. He underwent eight months of treatment, including injections of chemo in his eyes and radiation therapy. Because the cancer had passed what medical experts call the blood-brain barrier, Mark had a bone marrow transplant in April of 2010.

Based on symptoms of confusion and disorientation showed in the weeks and days leading up to Mark's disappearance, his doctor believes the cancer has returned, this time to Mark's brain. The cancer is putting pressure on Mark's brain, which will lead to the brain stem and begin shutting down his vital organs.  Mark will likely be suffering severe headaches and may be acting withdrawn and unresponsive.

When and where was Mark last seen?

The last confirmed sighting of Mark was on September 16th, a little before 11:00 p.m. at Riddle High School in Riddle, Oregon. Mark, a volunteer with Cycle Oregon, spoke with riders Glen Bolen and Shannon Carney at the porta-potties that were set up near the football field's scoreboard.

From there, Mark said he was going to, "go find my tent" (or words thereabouts), which was toward the west/southwest from the bathrooms. Mark's tent was in the "Volunteer Camping" area marked on the map and highlighted with a green circle. The three most likely routes to Mark's tent are marked on the map with blue arrows. What route Mark headed off on, however, is not known.

Have there been any confirmed sightings of Mark?

No, there have been no confirmed sightings of Mark, however, there were three different sightings of a person apparently trying to hitchhike on Yokum Road the night Mark disappeared. One of the people said the person had what appeared to be an LED style light. Mark did have an LED headlamp with him when he disappeared.

The sightings happened between the time Mark was last scene at Riddle High School just before 11 p.m. on September 16th and 2:00 a.m. on September 17th. The last sighting, around 2:00 a.m., was about a half mile from I-5. Below are two versions of a map showing where the sightings were.

Hitchhiker sightings the night Mark disappeared

Hitchhiker sightings the night Mark disappeared

What did Mark have with him when he disappeared?

  • Blue Cycle Oregon wristband on his left wrist 
  • Yellow cap with Cycle Oregon logo
  • Gray Cycle Oregon hooded sweatshirt with "Going Coastal" written on the front
  • Black legging (likely thermals) with black shorts over them
  • Pretzi headlamp 
  • Brown Shimano "SPD" shoes 
  • Some amount of cash in his pocket (less than $100, likely closer to $40)
  • An iPhone 4 with a dead battery (No network activity since 9/16; AT&T is monitoring)
  • Black-rim glasses 

To see photos of items Mark had with him click here.

Anything else?

Mark may have had a small black cloth bag with straps. He may have a pair of prescription Ray Ban, wayfarer sunglasses.

Important notes:

  • Mark may no longer have any of these items with him, and may have found/been given a change of clothes.
  • The blue wristband may still be on him, as he wore his each year for a month or so after the Cycle Oregon ride.

What items are you sure Mark DID NOT have with him when he disappeared?

  • No bicycle (Mark had left his bike at the Rider Services area; all other bikes at the event have been accounted for.)
  • No red jacket (shown in a photo of Mark taken during the week of Cycle Oregon)
  • No billfold, credit cards or identification (Mark left his wallet in a coat left in a Rider Services van. It is now in the possession of his family.

What do the police think has happened?

A member of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office told Find Mark they have three viable options that they have considered/are considering in Mark's disappearance.

  1. Something criminal happened.
  2. He's still in the greater Riddle area.
  3. He's anywhere else in the country but the Riddle area.

The first option, something criminal, has been ruled out for three reason: absolutely no clues lead to that direction, the $10,000 reward would likely cause a friend or relative of someone involved to come forward and Mark's confusion in the days leading to his disappearance make it likely he got lost. 

The second option would likely mean the extensive searches of the area missed Mark or he was moving while the searchers were moving. 

The third option would likely mean Mark did hitchhike a ride from the area, or walked away from Riddle and got a ride from another area nearby. He could have headed north, south, east or west. He could have received multiple rides. Again, he could be anywhere. 

The sheriff's office staff member said he is torn right down the middle on which option - the second or third - is most likely what happened. 

It has been reported in the media that cancer may be impacting Mark's short-term memory and he may be operating on past memories. Where has Mark lived?

 Year     Address

 1981 228 Mott Street, New York, NY

 1986 224 Baltic Street, New York, NY

 1989 3303 SE Harrison St, Portland, OR

The Bosworth family currently lives in Northeast Portland, Oregon.

Could Mark have taken an Amtrak train, Greyhound bus or plane out of the Pacific Northwest or the country?

An Amtrak security officer told Find Mark that people need identification to purchase a ticket and get on a train. The same goes for airlines. Also, Mark didn't have enough money for an airplane ticket. Without ID, he likely could not have crossed borders into Canada or Mexico.

What was the Cycle Oregon event Mark was volunteering with when he vanished?

Cycle Oregon 2011 was a 450-mile bike tour that took place September 10th through 17th. Approximately 2,200 cyclists participated. It started in Sutherlin, Oregon, then moved to Cottage Grove, Reedsport, Bandon, Powers, Riddle and then ended back in Sutherlin. Mark disappeared in Riddle, one stop away from the end.

The logistic support for the ride included mobile showers, food, entertainment, bike repair and so on, all staffed by volunteers of which Mark was one. He has been volunteering with Cycle Oregon for several years now. 

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