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Update on Mark's Condition Prior to Sept. 16

posted Sep 24, 2011, 10:06 AM by Find Mark   [ updated Sep 24, 2011, 11:47 PM by Roberta Altstadt ]

It is difficult to summarize in one word Mark’s potential condition (loss of memory, confused, disoriented, etc.), so we wanted to share some facts prior to his disappearance:

MISTAKEN LOCATION: While physically in Oregon, Mark said that he was…

  • In Canada
  • On the East Coast

So if a stranger asks Mark where he lives, Mark may reasonably convince them he lives far away from Portland.
Doctors say Mark may think he lives someplace he lived 20 years ago. For a listing of all 3 locations he lived in the last 30 years click here.

SLEEPING IN UNKNOWN VEHICLES: Two days prior to his disappearance, Mark fell asleep in a pizza delivery vehicle. Mark did not know the car or the owner. The driver found Mark and woke him, but this indicates Mark may be far outside Riddle.

COVERING UP CONFUSION: Whenever pressed about how he was feeling, Mark insisted, in his typical affable manner, “I am just fine.”  Mark covered up confusion to family and friends. Mark often did not know where his tent was during the Cycle Oregon event, but when friends offered to help find it, Mark said he did not need help.

STANDING ALONE: Mark was frequently seen standing alone for long periods of time.

BRAIN ISSUE: Doctors say Mark's painful headaches in recent weeks and loss of memory may indicate a physiological brain abnormality. In theory, this would cause the behaviors above.