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Missing iPad may help find Mark

posted Nov 7, 2011, 8:44 AM by Find Mark


Roberta Altstadt


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Family now hoping iPad may help in the effort to find Mark Bosworth  

It's now believed that Mark Bosworth had his iPad with him when he disappeared on September 16th in Riddle, Oregon. Mark's family has just realized the electronic notepad is missing. Mark had told several people he had it with him at Cycle Oregon, the event he was volunteering at when he vanished. 

The device is a black iPad 2 with a gray cover. Mark likely had it in a black bag that had Cycle Oregon written on it. If someone has found the iPad, the person is urged to call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office tip line at 541-957-2099. A $10,000 reward will go to anyone who provides information that leads to finding Mark.

Frustration felt by family and law enforcement

Both the Bosworth family and members of the Douglas County Sheriff's Office working on Mark's disappearance have been frustrated that no tips have led to any concrete evidence of what happened to Mark. Wayne Stinson, the sheriff office's Emergency Manager, says this case is like nothing he's seen before. Despite the fact it was late at night when Mark disappeared, he was in a city surrounded by homes and businesses. It's surprising, Stinson says, that no clues at all have been found indicating where Mark went that night.  

Family juggles reality and hope

Mark's family is now acknowledging that the cancer believed to have led to his confusion and disappearance has likely progressed and claimed Mark's life. At the same time, they still hope for a miracle and that somehow, someway he could still be found alive. "We have all heard of people who are given one month to live and they surprise the doctors by living much longer," says Kelly, one of Mark's daughters. "We hope that's my dad," she continues.

Mark's wife Julie will be returning to her work next week. While Julie and daughters Kelly and Claire do encourage Mark's friends and loved ones to carry on with their lives, they do still hope people will keep Mark in their hearts, share his story and keep doing whatever they feel compelled to do in an effort to find him.

Mark is a two-time cancer survivor and a bone marrow transplant recipient. If anyone sees Mark, please approach him and call 911. He may be unresponsive at this time. Tips about previous sightings or new information about Mark's missing iPad should be called in to 541-957-2099.