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Mark's disappearance remains active missing person's case

posted Mar 16, 2012, 6:40 AM by Roberta Altstadt   [ updated Mar 16, 2012, 6:43 AM ]

Friday, March 16 marks six months since Mark Bosworth went missing in Riddle, Oregon. Mark, age 54, was volunteering with Cycle Oregon when he vanished. To this day no clue has been found, but the Douglas County Sheriff's Office stresses that his disappearance remains an open and active missing person's case. 

Mark was last seen late on the night of September 16th near Riddle High School. Extensive searches in the days and weeks following failed to turn up any sign of him. 

Mark's clothing and belongings

Mark was wearing a gray sweatshirt with the word's "Going Coastal" on it, a yellow Cycle Oregon hat, a blue Cycle Oregon wristband and brown shimano "SPD" bike shoes. He had a Pretzi headlamp, a black Cycle Oregon tote bag, an iPhone (the battery was dead at the time of his disappearance), black glasses, black Ray-Ban sunglasses and an iPad.

If anyone comes across any of the clothing or items, they're urged to call the Douglas County Sheriff's Office non-emergency dispatch line at 541-440-4471. The items should be left in place so authorities can examine the area.

Family statement

Mark had survived two bouts with cancer. His family and doctor believe the cancer returned, this time to his brain causing him to be confused and disoriented. The cancer would have progressed by this time, and it's extremely likely Mark is no longer alive. Still, for Mark's wife Julie and daughters Kelly and Claire, the pain of not knowing where he went can be overwhelming at times. 

"It's been a rough road these past six months," says Julie Bosworth. "Every day Kelly and Claire and I miss Mark terribly. Little things, like picking up his favorite coffee mug, can make the loss and disbelief feel as fresh as the first day Mark disappeared. We may never know what happened on September 16th, but I choose to believe that whatever Mark's journey was, he felt the love and compassion of all his friends and family. And, so many of us carry his spirit in our hearts. In this way, Mark is with us and always will be. Our emotions are still raw, but love is the constant and will carry us forward."

Reward remains

There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to finding Mark. If anyone has information that may help find Mark, please call the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency dispatch line at 541-440-4471.