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Mark and Julie

Mark and Julie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year! Here is a look back at how they met, in Julie's own words.

Mark and I met when I was living in NYC as an aspiring dancer and he was living in Portland and working as a musician.  In NYC, I became best friends with Kitty, an aspiring actress who was from Portland, Oregon. When Kitty got married in Portland, I flew there for the first time (1981). Mark was a friend of Kitty's and was singing in her wedding. Kitty (thinking that Mark and I would have a spark together) arranged for him to pick me up at the PDX airport. He actually bought a car in order to pick me up, and picked rhododendrons from somebody's yard to give me when I arrived. The only problem was that the inexpensive car he purchased only turned left. From the moment he picked me up, we were inseparable until I had to leave to return to NYC five days later. He gave me the stone that is now my engagement ring (which he had dug out of the tailings of a sapphire mine in Montana) and said, "maybe this will be a ring someday."  He was 23 and I was 26.

I wanted to quit my NYC job and move to Portland, and Mark wanted to quit his Portland job and move to NY. After we spent two more weekends together (one in Portland, one in NYC), Mark took the train cross country and moved in with me at 228 Mott Street, between Prince and Spring, in NYC. We have never lived apart since. In 1986, we got married and decided we needed to move out of Manhattan; I said we needed a quieter place to live where we could "conceive of conceiving." We bought an apartment at 224 Baltic Street, between Court and Clinton, in Cobble Hill in 1987 and had our lovely first daughter there in 1988.

In 1989, we moved to Mark's hometown of Portland, with our beloved second daughter on the way. We wanted to raise our family in Portland, and bought our first house at 3303 SE Harrison Street, near Hawthorne Boulevard. We lived there from 1989 to 1993, when we moved to our current home near Grant High School, which both our daughters attended.

Last June, Mark and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and we have tickets to fly to London on October 1 to a flat we have rented for a week just to have fun together and explore London. Until his headaches and erratic behavior began one month ago, Mark has had the happiest year of his life since his bone marrow transplant in April, 2011 – full of energy and loving live. His blog entry in April 2011 sums it up.