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Who is Mark?

You’ve probably seen all the facts – his age, height, weight and the clothing he was last seen wearing. You probably also know that is a loyal husband, devoted father to two daughters and long-time Portland community volunteer. We share a few brief stories below. If you want to learn more about Mark in his own words, see a link to his blog at the end of this page. If you want to hear the love story of how Mark and Julie met 30 years ago, click here.


Mark is a talented musician. Mark plays several instruments, including guitar. He can also sing and has written songs for decades. More importantly, Mark is not selfish with his musical gift. Every night after dinner, Mark plays music and sings songs with his two daughters. Mark shares his talent with his friends as well. When one of his best friends, Towny, had a baby girl named Emily, Mark wrote an amazing song for her. A musician himself, Towny still considers the song “Emily” to be one of his favorites.


Whether cycling, hiking or camping – Mark enjoys spending time outdoors. Either climbing Mount Adams, or embarking on less ambitious pursuits with his city-slicker friends, Mark is eager for any adventure. When younger, Mark spent weeks away exploring with his friends.

True to his nature, Mark shares his enthusiasm with others. As a volunteer with Cycle Oregon, Mark helps those with less experience embark on their own adventures.


“Mark introduced me to my wife,” recalls Towny, Mark’s lifelong friend.

Towny once asked Mark to attend a week-long Oregon bike trip with him. Mark could not spend that much time away from his young girls, but offered to train with Towny instead. Typical of Mark, he offered to help Towny even though he himself would not be able to enjoy the trip. While preparing for the ride, Mark ran into a woman who was also going to Cycle Oregon. Mark instantly noticed something special about the woman, Heidi, that reminded him of Towny. To Towny’s dismay, Mark invited Heidi to train together with the guys. Towny and Heidi married shortly thereafter.


His positive attitude and blog when battling cancer two separate times served as an inspiration for many others. Sara Schooley says,
"(After being inspired by his battles with cancer) I've
run two triathlons with Mark’s name on my jersey, and whenever a hill seemed impossible or the water choppy, I thought of how easy I had it compared to Mark."

You can read about Mark's positive attitude as he battled with cancer in his own words at:


 Mark blogged about his one-year cancer-free anniversary this year:

"And I wanted to reach out to all of you who have followed and supported me through this process. Please know that I am well and working and happy and active - with NO lingering signs of damage or anything. Those of you who are close to me physically/geographically know that, if anything, I am more alive and energetic and healthy than I was before I entered into the world of cancer.

Thanks for following my blog, and, I'm sorry for not writing for a year... my only excuse is that I've been busy. I've been active and engaged and outside and involved - all the things that life is about. I love my wife, I am shopping for a new bike, and going to Costa Rica to learn Spanish, and my youngest child is graduating from college, and... 

Well, now my life is boring and just normal.

Like the pathologist's report, it is:  "unremarkable".

May you all be so blessed."