Vanilla Ice Cream

Nature Center Vanilla Ice Cream - Finding Joy in My Kitchen* 

3/4 C sugar {you can get buy with a little less}

16 oz Half and Half

8 oz. whipping cream

2-4 tsp. vanilla {depending on how strong you like it!}

Freeze your ice cream maker bowl...overnight is usually best.

In a large bowl combine sugar, half and half and and cream; stir until sugar is dissolved. 

Add in vanilla, to taste, and stir to combine.

Then, carefully pour into the ice cream maker following the machine directions. 

I've found it easy to use a 3-4 C liquid measuring cup (with a spout) to mix about half 

of the ingredients together and then all the remaining liquids immediately to the 

ice cream maker after pouring in the liquids from the measuring cup.

Let the ice cream "make" for 30-40 minutes (depending on your desired thickness, and machine).

Serve right away, if you like a soft-serve consistency.  

Otherwise, scoop into freezer-friendly containers and chill for 2 hours to enjoy 

hard scoop ice cream.  

This ice cream freezes well for 1-2 weeks.  We like to store it is 2-3 C freezer-friendly containers;

that way, we can defrost just what the two of us will eat, keeping the rest fresh!

*Recipe created by Cooking with Squirrel, the chef