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Monkey Go Happy 4 is the fourth episode in the hugely popular Monkey Go Happy series of fun, thinking and skill-based puzzle games where you have to solve a series of point-and-click adventure brain teasers (mini-games) in order to delight a family of 4 cute cartoon monkeys (this time including Grandpa monkey) who are easily upset. Maurice and his family of cranky primates are desperate to see some tricky puzzles solved, so it’s up to you as usual to save the day, and to turn their frowns into radiant smiles! Test your patience, concentration and observation skills, adaptability, problem solving ability, reflexes, pinpoint accuracy, determination, and more with challenging interactive mouse-clicking tasks that may well have you scratching your head!

Find solutions to mini-arcade games, step-by-step puzzles, fun shooting tasks, and a whole host of interesting random challenges where you have to creatively use different tools, find hidden objects, and generally try to figure out a quick answer to each puzzle using your visual thinking strategy skills. This original and highly entertaining brain game is a very good match for kids & teens who enjoy puzzle activities with a twist, or anyone of any age who loves to try to solve fun yet difficult online brain teasers! There’s no time to monkey around though! Let’s get the problem solving action started! Can you laugh as loud as these monkies when you finally crack each puzzle? (Also, can you find the original Monkey Go Happy game, Monkey Go Happy 3, and a few others in the series of funny monkey mini-games on this site? They are certainly worth playing!)

How to Play: There are 16 difficult levels (stages) in total. You have to complete stages 1-15 in order to unlock the final 16th puzzle. You don’t have to complete levels 1-15 in sequence; rather you can pick and choose which level to attempt at random from the Main Menu Screen. If you get stuck at any stage during one of the levels, click on the white circular arrow in the top left corner of the game screen to quit the level, and return to the Main Menu. Try to complete levels in as few clicks as possible. The fewer clicks you need to complete a puzzle, the more points you score at the end of the game.