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Plain Standard-Height Split Plastic Leg Bands
...Suitable for medium to large finches (ie. Gouldians, Societies, Zebras) and most Canaries - now come in both standard and  narrow widths.

   Many (45!) great colors available and many uses!
            •     Choose a "family" color and mark all young from a specific pair.
            •     Put a different color on each of a group of same-species birds in a flight and be able to quickly identify any one them - Great for Sexing!
            •     Apply pink bands to females and light blue to males.
            •     Mark birds you want to save, or are held for a customer, or maybe just for "Birdie Bling"!
Easy to apply!  The soft plastic can be spread without tools for application or removal, but an applicator tool works best when banding alone.  

Plain Narrow-Height Split Plastic Leg Bands

In addition to the standard size shown above, we also carry narrow bands that allow highly visible different colors to be stacked on the leg, providing even more information at a glance.  These are half the height of the standard bands. Like striped bands, but you can mix and match the colors - and see them a whole lot better.  The just-fledged Shaftail Finch in this photo is wearing two narrow bands.

How to Order
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Applicator Tools are not included and must be ordered if needed.  All orders are shipped via USPS First Class-Parcel Mail within 24 hours of receipt of payment to U.S. (including Puerto Rico) addresses.  SORRY - WE DO NOT SHIP OUTSIDE THE U.S. I will ship to Canada with the understanding that it's expensive, takes a bit longer and we cannot track.  No free shipping to Canada.

are not included with orders.  
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                       Standard Height Bands                                                      Narrow Height Bands

Strings of 10 @$1.00 each


Packs of 25 @$2.25 each

Strings of 10 @1.00 each

Packs of 25 @$2.25 each

Band Colors