Brightly-Colored Split Plastic Finch Leg Bands - Split craft beads in over 55 colors and patterns sorted and packaged to your order. Craft beads work really well as bands for medium to large finches and most canaries.

You can purchase these beads in many craft stores and cut them yourself, or you can save time and money by letting us do the sorting/cutting/packaging for you. Our customers who have just a few birds tell us they appreciate not having to buy hundreds of beads just to get a few of a certain color. Those who have many birds to band tell us they don't want to spend their time cutting/sorting/packaging and prefer to let us do this time-consuming job for them. Our cutting jig makes this job so much easier!

Check out this research paper from the Journal of Field Ornithology to learn more about the advantages of craft beads as bird leg bands.

We offer both standard and narrow height bands. Our narrow bands allow highly visible different colors to be stacked on the leg, providing even more information at a glance. These are half the height of the standard bands. Like striped bands, but you can mix and match the colors - have many more color choices - and see them a whole lot better. The just-fledged Shaftail Finch in this photo is wearing two narrow bands.