Quality Control

Quality is important in any industry. But in the fresh produce industry, quality is decisive. That's why there are high quality standards at FINCA BOYAL.

Safe production methods
FINCA BOYAL pursues a very strict quality policy from planting to distribution of the products. FINCA BOYAL meets the highest standard required in relation to the growing process quality control procedures and the handling and packing of produce.

We meet the strict production requirements of the GLOBAL G.A.P. and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.
Our sales partner Scherpenhuizen is certified in accordance with IFS Higher level , QS , AEO, RIK and SKAL (ECO).
Tracking & tracing
The consumer now requires more information on the origin and the safety of food products. The advanced control systems that are in place and the consistent product labelling of FINCA BOYAL allow full traceability throughout the entire chain. Our traceability system allows us to track any item through all stages of the supply chain from the end consumer back to the grower. The tracking of products offers significant advantages. By creating transparency in the supply chain, it becomes possible to provide both the customers and consumers with the information they require and demand. Traceability is very important for ensuring the safety of food products: in crisis situations it should be possible to recall certain products and withdraw them from the market.
Residue inspection
FINCA BOYAL works in accordance with the latest Hygiene Code. Therefore, we are obliged to perform regular residue test on our produce. FINCA BOYAL uses only approved laboratories to carry out the tests and report the results.
Professional business management
Our sales partner Scherpenhuizen is as mentioned certified in accordance with several quality standards. This means that all of the work processes within Scherpenhuizen are subject to strict standards. A special quality team supervises and monitors compliance with the quality care system. This team holds frequent meetings with the different departments within Scherpenhuizen to verify that quality objectives are being met. Every staff member is instructed to adhere to the Quality Care Manual at all times.


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