Fincaa Boyal, a cucumber oasis in Extremadura

The Dutch firm Scherpenhuizen has a horticultural company of almost 10 hectares in the Spanish town of Don Benito (Badajoz), run by the grower Edwin Craen. On this farm, Finca Boyal called are high wire cucumbers grown. The unique combination of the Spanish climate with plenty of sunshine and the Dutch production techniques ensure a quality cucumber with a very good taste and shelf life.

The province of Extremadura in Spain is known as a region where many industrial tomatoes and fruit is grown, there is endless arable. In the Franco-time there has been a major water supply project to irrigation in the fields as possible. This water comes from the mountains and is of excellent quality. Also in the greenhouse business Finca Boyal uses this water.

This was the third cucumber season at Finca Boyal for Craen. "We are the only high-wire cultivation in Spain and therefore everything themselves have to find out." The advantages of a Dutch and Dutch cultivation techniques in Spain has led to a very good result. In traditional unheated crops in southern Spain is the outgrowth length of cucumbers depending on the weather. If the weather is worse for a few days, the outgrowth length, and thus the sustainability and quality worse. This does not apply to the heated greenhouses of Finca Boyal, this guarantees a reliable product of consistent quality.

"Compared to the Netherlands, the growth rate much higher, by the abundant light and higher temperatures," said the Craen. "This has the disadvantage that we need more work, but the advantage is the quality of the fruit, we measure a significantly higher dry matter content". The good quality of the fruits is evident, the color is pretty dark and the fruits are very sturdy.

Nevertheless, Edwin de Craen doesn't like his cultivation system in Spain. "This system does not fit with the Spanish mentality, in the high-wire cucumber cultivation, everything done on time, manjana is not an option. Therefore the Spanish growers not easily opt for it. "

The growing season of Finca Boyal has two periods. The spring crop is planted in December and from late January to late June in production. Autumn cultivation produces from mid-September to early December.