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To contact me, just send me an email to my gmail email address.

life & profession

Before I moved to Istanbul to go to school there, I lived in Wieselburg. Then I studied in Vienna mathematics (I spent a year at Ecole Centrale Paris). After I left the TU Vienna, I worked as a Credit Trader and as an Economic Research Analyst for UniCredit CAIB in Emerging Markets (EEMEA) in Fixed Income. Now I am a political consultant in the federal ministery of finance after moving in 2011 there from the federal ministery of the interior. Check out a graphical summary of my CV on the right.


I studied mathematics at TU Vienna and finished  my PhD in January 2008 under the supervision of Prof. Josef Teichmann. My main article, in which I co-authored Martin Keller-Ressel, can be found at and was published in Finance and Stochastics. My thesis is about yield curve shapes in affine short rate models. The above graphs show some shapes of yieldcurves which could be observed in the last years for Euros, DM and US-Dollars.


In my spare time I am keen on sundials and football. Pictures of sundials can be found here and here. I like contributing to wikipedia, going out with friends, photography, traveling and many other things and actions.


An old private website used to be at, my work/university related page used to be at, but it moved here. Check out my employer's website at I have a family-blog at