Capability Statements

Capability Statements

Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Service

  • Litigation support and testimony as an expert witness.
  • Assistance in the discovery process by preparing or responding to interrogatories
    and request for production of documents, evaluating opposing counsel's response
    to interrogatories; gathering and evaluating evidence on behalf of client.
  • Damage calculations (sometimes referred to as "but for" calculations) on behalf of
    plaintiff, or evaluation of plaintiff's calculation on behalf of defendant.
  • Researching legislation, regulations, and other issues.
  • Liaison with auditors, investigators, and other investigative bodies.
  • Assistance in qui tam cases.
  • Consultation and guidance in dealing with all aspects of government contracting issues
    (proposals, negotiations, administration, audits, change orders, equitable adjustments,
    and terminations).
  • Expediting or "trouble shooting" government contracting problems (e.g., preparing
    proposals for change orders, modifications, or contract changes).
  • Preparation of government contract claims for submission to Board of Contract Appeals
    or the Federal Claims Court.


Government Contracting Support Service

• Preparing proposals in response to requests for proposals (RFPs), invitations for bids (IFBs),
requests for quotations (RFQs), or other customer solicitations.

• Preparing statements of work and solicitations to obtain competitive responses from suppliers.

• Preparing, submitting, and justifying cost and pricing data. (Or, perhaps more important,
providing guidance on how to properly avoid the needless submission of cost and pricing data.)

• Preparing proposals for change orders, modifications, or contract changes.

• Guidance in evaluating or preparing for systems reviews such as contractor purchasing systems
 reviews (CPSR), accounting systems reviews, internal management control systems review, or
cost estimating systems reviews.

• Writing policies and procedures.

• Providing liaison with DCAA, or any other cognizant agency auditors.

• Preparing indirect cost proposals and negotiating forward price rate agreements.

• Expediting collection problems with invoices, progress payment requests, or public vouchers.

• Performing cost and price analysis of your suppliers' proposals.

• Reviewing and evaluating any forward or retrospective cost or pricing submission submitted
 by your suppliers.

• Performing financial viability assessment of prospective suppliers.

• Conducting in-house training.