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The Effects of Bin Laden's Death on Budgeting

It is important to understand just how Bin Laden's death on May 1 will affect the budgeting practices of everyday Americans. More than ever, it is necessary for Americans to make budgeting a part of their daily lives, especially as gas and food prices increase and salaries remain stagnant or even decrease.

According to William Alden in his Huffington Post article Bin Laden's Death Gives Markets Boost Of Optimism, Eases Fear Of Recession, Bin Laden's death has been a tonic for the global markets and will ease recession fears, which is good news during this period of economic strain.

There is no doubt that Bin Laden's death has injected nothing less than gross optimism across the global markets with the perception that it is now safer to do business. In reality, terrorist activity will likely not decrease, but perception is nine-tenths the law, and people have been searching for a more positive financial outlook for the past several years.

Now, with this hope made real by Bin Laden's death, American businesses will seek to invest abroad in countries like Turkey-with a lower cost of doing business-thus stimulating some job growth in the US, including higher-skilled jobs such as remote managers, trainers or project leadership. Ultimately, the hope is that Bin Laden's death will eventually help ease rising gas prices caused by the fear of terrorism, and that can only make budgeting easier for everyday Americans.

Americans will look forward to getting the most out of their lives after Bin Laden's death; traveling, spending and investing. It just comes down to how well they wish to manage their money. Will they spend recklessly like years past, or will this generation of Americans (fresh out of a war and a major recession) take budgeting seriously, with a mind toward bettering themselves through better management of their money?

With Bin Laden's death, we could be sitting on a wellspring of economic recovery, and that is why you must consider some budgeting guidance to get the most out of your hard-earned dollar. While everyone knows the basics of budgeting, having good information in one place is key to making budgeting simple and fun. Also, having a set of budgeting principles is key to maintaining positive momentum. Arm yourself with the information about budgeting that you need so that you can gain the most from the freedoms our armed forces fight for.

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