Is FFC for me?

Many people face financial difficulties, and we believe almost everyone can benefit from financial counseling.

To find out if the Financial Fitness Clinic could work for you, answer the questions below. If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, you'll likely benefit from services at the Financial Fitness Clinic.

1. Do you have any concerns about your housing (safety, affordability, stability)?

2. If you have children, do you have difficulty finding affordable and reliable childcare?

3. Do you need help getting benefits & services for yourself or your family (WIC, social security, transitional assistance)?

4. Do you or you and your family have too little money at the end of each month?

5. Do you or your child not have enough healthy food (including any special dietary needs) to eat everyday?

6. Do you lack health insurance? If you have a child, does he or she lack health insurance?

Please consider coming to our next clinic to learn more and to develop your Financial Health Action Plan.