What's the Financial Fitness Clinic?

The Financial Fitness Clinic meets once every 4 weeks on the last Monday of each month

All are welcome, regardless of language or immigration status

Dinner is provided, and the Financial Fitness Clinic is absolutely FREE!


The Financial Fitness Clinic works with you and your individual financial issues and health goals, then connects you with people and resources that can help. The clinic is staffed by physicians and financial specialists in partnership with nonprofit organizations throughout San Francisco.


Many San Francisco residents struggle with financial issues. These can range from job loss to credit card debt to childcare costs to mortgage payments. Such problems create an enormous amount of stress that can affect your health and the health of your family.  At San Francisco General Hospital, we recognize how difficult this can be. This is why we established the Financial Fitness Clinic to help.


At the Financial Fitness Clinic, you will receive:

  • Education on Financial Topics
    • Information and guidance on reducing debt, improving credit, budgeting, and building savings
    • Strategies to make saving money easier and to promote health
  • One-on-One Financial Counseling
    •  Financial advisers individually counsel participants to help them meet their financial needs and goals
    • Physicians attend each clinic to help participants identify their own health goals and explore the overlap between their financial situation and their overall health
  • Direct referral to money-saving social services
    • PG&E discounts, child care discounts, food stamps, tax advice, and so on
    • Resource Match Referral service
      • Matches available services with your needs
      • Individuals leave with a printout of contact information for various services to meet their financial needs
    • Partnerships with a variety of other services, including
      •  The San Francisco General Hospital Medical-Legal Partnership
      • The Women’s Building