The aim of the workshop is to provide an environment where students and professors can present and discuss their works in progress, as well as explore various topics related to Finance. It should aid in improving communication between students and professors in finance, potentially resulting in future collaborations and flow of new ideas.  

The meetings will be held weekly on Thursdays from 12.30 to 13.45 in the room MF323 (unless specified otherwise). Both students and professors are welcome to attend and participate.

For this year, the format will be 1-2 presentations per session, followed by a discussion.  The sessions can be as follows:
  1. Focus sessions: one or two sessions are devoted to a specific topic, with top papers and news in the area covered (either topic of interest for students/professors, or a recent "hot" topic)
  2. Top job market papers: presentation and discussion of recent job market papers in finance, whose authors got offers from top places
  3. Pre-seminar session: presentation and discussion of the paper 1 week prior to being presented in finance seminar
  4. Presentation of own work (potentially followed by a discussion of related topics)
The students are expected to follow some guidelines:
  1. Regular attendance
  2. Active participation in presentations and discussions (which implies reading on the topic in advance of the session)
  3. Early scheduling (2 weeks in advance)