Advertising Ideas for Financial Services


Here are ideas on how to use Google products to solve business challenges in the financial services industry. For ideas on sponsorships, please see our Sponsorship Ideas page.

Business Challenge:
Branding and Customer Engagement

Google Gadgets: Google Gadgets are mini-applications that live in a personalized environment. These mini applications can live on iGoogle, the desktop and any webpage. The gadget can be found and downloaded through through iGoogle and any webpage. Users can also send gadgets through email. Some advertisers use Google Gadgets in viral marketing campaigns. For example, the following is a gadget that shows prices from American Express. You can add it to your iGoogle Homepage by clicking here:

You can create and use Google Gadgets to:

  • Create another channel to engage current and new customers
  • Introduce new products
  • Provide opportunities for brand consideration
  • Drive sales of your product online and offline
  • Reach a broader audience
  • Allow for an ongoing brand presence
  • Provide product feedback and updates



Business Challenge:
Allow Customers to find your Branches

Local Business Ads - Put your advertisements on Google Maps

Local business ads enable you to promote your location-based products and services to customers in your area. These ads appear with an enhanced map component on Google Maps and in a text-only format on Local business ads are available for business locations wherever Google Maps is offered. Google's goal is always to offer users relevant information through our search results and advertising.

Advertisers can use store brand terms as well as category terms like "bank" and "atm" to advertise local branches. For example,try the query "banks near New York City, New York" in Google Maps to see the banks listed near New York City. Read more about how local search is driving offline transactions.

Google also offers the Local Business Center. This is a free service for customers to submit their business location into the natural maps search results.

Google Maps on your Website - Use the Google Maps for your Branch Locator

Give your users a great user experience on your website's branch locator. Google Maps is known for its easy interface and speed that can be embedded on any website. For example, Fidelity (left) has a Investor Center locator that utilizes Google Maps technology. RBC Royal Bank and Morgan Stanley also use Google Maps for their branch locators.Google Maps is a completely free product, and offers advanced features like traffic overlays and driving directions. Example implementations can be found here and documentation can be found here.

Business Challenge:
Reaching Feed Readers

FeedBurner offers the biggest, baddest advertising network for blogs and RSS feeds you’ll find anywhere on the planet. We’ll put your advertising message in front of an impressive online audience spanning the world’s most recognized media publishers (e.g. Wall Street Journal Online, Wired News, Ziff Davis), A-list bloggers and blog networks and individual publishers from aroundtheworld.

Current Examples

Text Ad:

Image Ad:

Business Challenge:
Reach Potential Customers at all Stages of the Buying Cycle

Google Content Network

The Google Content Network is an advertising network of hundreds of thousands of websites, spanning hundreds of categories.The network offers 80% worldwide reach of the online population and 4.3 billion daily pageviews to provide tremendous scale for advertising messages.Google has established relationships with each of the network’s site publishers, allowing our advertisers to quickly and easily distribute their message across the web.Our network aggregates large, premium sites with niche, long-tail sites, providing the opportunity to precisely target moments of relevance.


Advertisers can target sites within the Google Content Network in two ways.

1.Contextual targeting.

Advertisers decide on a list of keywords and concepts related to their message.Google crawls the network, finding pages that match those keywords and concepts, and serves the relevant ad alongside that content.

2.Select specific websites.Your Google account team can help you determine which websites are most relevant to target based on your target audience’s interests and affinities.

The Google Content Network accepts text, image, click-to-play video, and gadget ads. Click here to see the different ad formats.

Business Challenge:
Reach YouTube users

YouTube To help marketers create deeper, more brand-centric video experiences on YouTube, we have created an enhanced environment called a Brand Channel. Brand Channels provide advertisers a place to showcase video content on YouTube with a look and feel that is consistent with their brand imagery. This new concept helps brands connect and engage with their consumers around great video content.

Showcase: Vanguard Investments

Vanguard created a YouTube Channel with educational videos on investing. Users can subscribe to this channel so that they are automatically notified when new videos become available.

See the live example here.

Other Finance oriented implementations:

YouTube Documentation:
YouTube Homepage | YouTube Data API

Business Challenge:
Measure Results from Radio Advertising

Google AdWords lets you create and launch high-quality radio ad campaigns, in just a few quick and easy steps. You can set your own budget and decide when and where you'd like your ads to air. And you can do it all online.

Sample recordings of the radio ads can be found here.

Business Challenge:
Utilize Newspaper Advertising across the Nation

Google Print Ads is a new extension of Google AdWords that makes it easy to run ads in newspapers across the U.S. – whether you're buying space in one paper or a hundred. The process is simple: you select the newspapers, enter a bid for available ad space, and upload your ads. Remember, Google Print Ads isn't auction-based – instead, you suggest the price that works with your budget. Publishers will review your bids and either approve, decline, or negotiate your offers. After your ads run, you'll see a copy of the newspaper page where your ad was published, and can safely pay for the placement. Do all this in one easy online interface.

Examples of newspaper ads can be found here.

Business Challenge:
Automate the buying of Television Advertising

Google AdWords offers an end-to-end digital system for buying, selling, measuring, and delivering television ads. Launch your campaign quickly and efficiently through our totally automated process. Just send us your video ad, set your own budget and decide when and where you'd like your ads to air.

Watch the demo here.

Business Challenge:

Please see the sponsorship ideas page.