Chicago Booth Finance Brownbag

The Chicago Booth Finance Brownbag is a student-run organization for doctoral students to present their research in finance-related areas. Presentation in the Brownbag is not limited only to finance students. The Brownbag is open to current doctoral students and faculty. If you would like to get on the email list, please email

Student Participation

While faculty participation is important, strong student participation is central to the Brownbag. Students are expected to speak up and provide feedback.

Regular Attendance

The chance to present your work and hear the feedback of others is a privilege. Moreover, presenting preliminary work requires a constructive, trusting atmosphere. For both of these reasons, students are expected to regularly attend all presentations, not cherry-pick their favorite ones, and certainly not show up only when presenting their own work. If you attend, you should present; if you present, you must attend.

Slot Allocation

When allocating presentation slots, the Brownbag coordinators consider the following points:

  • Regular Attendance: Presenting is a privilege: only those who regularly attend and give feedback should present their work.

  • Seniority: Students going on the job market or third-year students fulfilling their requirement to present their curriculum paper get priority.

  • First to Sign-up: Students who ask the earliest have the best chance of grabbing their preferred slot, since demand is normally slack in the beginning of the quarter, while steep near the end. We shall attempt to set the schedule before the beginning of the quarter, announce when all slots have been closed, and advertise slots if some remain open as the quarter progresses.


Starting Summer 2022, the Brownbag will follow a new cancellation policy:

  • Presenters who cancel will be suspended from registration for one quarter, unless they are able to find a replacement for the session in a timely manner.

The rules do not apply to situations caused by death, accidents, severe illness, emergent family issues, and natural calamity. The Brownbag coordinators reserve the rights for asking appropriate proof.