JQuery plugin:Picasa albums

display your picasa albums by the widget

powered by finalevil

This is a picasa albums widget based on JQuery. This plugin can display the albums and photos by lightbox. You can add widget in your blog. To integrate your blog with picasa album. The plugin also uses the other JQuery plugin, include Thickbox 3.1, Custom select, blockUI(v2)


How to use?

1.Create your picasa album

You need put a <div> in HTML, such as:
 <div id="picasaAlbums1"></div>
Call the init function to create this albums. Assign the div id to init function.
$.picasaAlbums.init({id:"picasaAlbums1",initTime:"3000",selectText:"Please choice the albums :)",loadingMsg:"Loading..."});

2.Settings for the plugin

id PicasaAlbums object id (*)
initTime Options sliding down the speed of
albumnaccount Your picasa account name
cssUrl The widget uses css file of url. Default is http://finalevillee.googlepages.com/picasav3.css at my googlepage.
loadingImg During loading, show this picture. Default is http://finalevillee.googlepages.com/loadingAnimation.gif
loadingMsg During loading, show this message.
selectText Select text(red part)
selectImage Select of background image.(red part)

 If you have any suggestions, leave your message.