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FIN2PAMIR TOUR to GOBI DESERT & PAMIR HIGWAY 28 000km and trough 18 countries 


FIN2PAMIR Collection

FIN2PAMIR Blog is open (Will be updated when on the road hopefully)

We are knot of bikers and almost all of us have been biking more than thirty-five years so we are already old farts but Keith Richards is still playing.
Most of us lives at lake area in Finland but our society is word wide so you can ram to some of us anywhere.
We have done lot of all kind of motorbike trips and tours all over the planet.
Now days we mostly do enduro and adventure tours and trips but some paved roads also once and awhile.
So if you are roaming this side of the planet don’t hesitate to contact us.
Hopefully we can help you out of tricky situation?

FIN2PAMIR ADVENTURE TOUR 2010 will commence soon

ROUTE PLANING AND JOURNEY PREPARING 28 000km and 18 countries 3 months

I commence first route scenario on summer 2008 and go over all kind of information available and checked out what kind of journey I can do on three months off.
Project planning has been started in the autumn 2008 and I have been bit busy and I'm still. Bike modification took lot of time more on that on bike mod section.I have collect documentations for forthcoming journey and examined data, documents and maps etc. carefully. Information is stored to web and many other places and will be available when need it.
When you are planing that kind of journey it will take hell of lot time to search all kind of information, charts, visas, permits, border crossing, fueling, service, spares, etc. to be even slightly prepared.
I have collect more than 850 files of documents more than 350 charts and over 100 GPS routes to net server to use for planing and on the road.
Hopefully those long night hours what I have spend opposite of the screen over thees year and went over the data will be recompenses some sunny Sunday when on way.

Many thanks for all these peoples how have write to HUBB and have they web sites where I had collect information, hints, routes etc. that data has been very valuable during planing stage of the journey.

Route is ready-to-go with many alternative trails. Winter in the area has been difficult "zud" like locals call it and there is lot of snow what means that there will be lot of floods coming later in spring when melting waters pours down from the mountains. That can make some trails difficult or impossible to ride but I try to take into consideration and have planed alternative trails go around if need it.

You can follow our tour from

FIN2PAMIR Tour blog ( Will be updated by home staff and me when I have access)

FIN2PAMIR Blog is open (Will be updated when on the road hopefully)
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Adventure is a path. Real adventure—self-determined, self-motivated, often risky—forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world the way it is, not the way you imagine it. Your body will collide with the earth and you will bear witness. In this way you will be compelled to grapple with the limitless kindness and bottomless cruelty of humankind—and perhaps realize that you yourself are capable of both.

This will change you. Nothing will ever again be black-and-white.

Mark Jenkins 

Life isn't about how to survive the storm...But how to dance in the rain!
Twenty grand and twenty miles is not an adventure!
Sakke Hayrinen,
11 May 2010, 06:57
Sakke Hayrinen,
11 May 2010, 06:57