Excel Autobackup - freeware

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Autobackup is an excel autosave replacement, tailored for those who find autosave inadequate for their needs.

Unlike autosave, autobackup will never prompt you to save files, or replace your original files without asking.

Instead it will automatically save your files to a folder specified by you, at a time interval you define. You will also be able to define how many backup copies you want to keep.

For example, if you define a time interval between each backup of 30 minutes, and to keep 6 backup copies, you can choose to go back to were you were when the last backup copy was made, or choose one of the other 5.

If using the last version will be the most common option when excel crashes, keeping several versions of your files may be very useful if, for example you are not satisfied with the changes made in the last 2 hours, and want to go back to where you were before this changes were made.

At last, autobackup will keep saved files only for the number of days you define, to keep disk usage limited.

To install the program in most excel versions, simply download it and then open excel, go to tools -> add-ins and browse for the autobackup file. If you are using excel 2007 click on the Microsoft Office Button -> excel options -> add-Ins and browse for the autobackup file. For more detailed instructions click here.