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Rod Steiger as W.C. Fields.

Made for television biography movie of the child and dog hating movie comic genius.
The movie begins with Fields already a Broadway star starring in Ziegfeld shows.  Disillusioned he moves to Hollywood. At first finding work as a scriptwriter, then success comes in front of the camera.  But with success comes insecurity in his relationships and alcohol abuse. Also stars Valerie Perrine as “Carlotta Monti”  Fields long term partner.

First screened on television in 1978.  Directed by Arthur Hiller, based upon a book by Fields partner Carlotta Monti.
Received with a mixed reviews when first screened, many of W.C Fields fans were unhappy with the showing of  Fields unsavoury side. But all acclaimed Rod Steiger’s portrayal. And now the movie is mostly considered as a worthwhile historical depiction of the man.
     Rod Steiger as W.C.Fields.